How to become a killer ?

How to become a killer ?

Killers live long, but beautiful.This myth is associated with the question of how to ensure the material, and with a certain veil of romance.But there are opinions that receive for similar work can be quite a bit, and methods for its implementation may not be the most pleasant.Often it requires a dramatization of an accident, suicide.Although, if you become a killer in the power structures, it can be more proud of the fact that defending the homeland.But how to become a killer?

Most likely, you will need to serve in the army.Firstly, there can teach the basics of combat, weapon handling, then you will be able to continue a military career in the role you need.Second, the service in the army gives the entrance ticket to the security forces (FSB, MVD).You can become a killer, "working" on the protection of the state, such as in "hot spots".Most killers are just after a service in such "hot spots".They say that in this case, the work itself is the killer.

Become a killer and can be reluctant, for example, fulfilling financial debt.This method of entering the profession, apparently common among ex-prisoners.Do not forget that customers do not need witnesses to their crimes, so, as already mentioned, it is unlikely the killer life will be similar to the existence of the heroine Uma Thurman from the film "Kill Bill".If, however, your perception of the profession still lie in the romantic plane, then maybe you should just stay in the killer computer games.

But if the intentions are serious, then you need a good physical preparation.So, it makes sense to do any kind of martial arts.

In all other cases, apparently, will have to seek informal contacts.I do not particularly active in writing about the profession of their dreams in the network, because you legitimately may be interested in law enforcement.

is difficult to wish you good luck in your chosen profession.We hope that your curiosity about how to become a professional killer would be at least in the legal plane, and you implement your inclinations to protect the homeland.