How to determine the sex of a rabbit ?

How to determine the sex of a rabbit ?

main problem many novice breeders is that they do not know how to determine the sex of the rabbits.But in reality - how?

After rabbits reach the age of three weeks, simple visual inspection can genitalia differentiate males from females.To do this, you must first wash your hands and put the rabbit on his back, his head to himself.In rabbits genitals have tapered look with a small gap on the part of the tail.In very young rabbits at the site of the penis is located a tiny hole.As they grow in this place will tubule.Another feature, which allows to determine the sex of the rabbit, is the length of the distance from the genitals to the anus, which is shorter in females.

Sexing adult rabbits should be quite cautious becausethey can do with their hind legs, which have large claws, rather nasty shock.During the inspection of the right hand pinch the tail and left cautiously toward the head of the animal I delay the skin from the penis.At this point, rabbits becomes clearly visible genital slit, which is surrounded by the labia loop-shaped.In the mature rabbit clearly visible slightly curved penis (penis).Well, the young male in place of the penis is determined by a small tube, which has at its end an opening.

After reaching the age of the animals older than 4 - 4.5 months to determine the sex of the rabbit there is no difficulty.At this time, the male is lowered testes, which become clearly visible during the inspection.It should be borne in mind that the rabbit testes in appearance significantly differ from other testicular pets such as cats or dogs.In the rabbit testicles have a bright pink color and appearance resemble small swelling.

In recent years, many people are happy to have become breeding of ornamental rabbits.And for them it is also very important to know how to identify the decorative rabbit floor.Often there are situations when the seller assures the buyer that he sells the boy who, for unknown reasons somehow grows and turns into a gorgeous female.Determine decorative rabbit floor can also be just as usual, and the floor of the rabbit.In addition, try to evaluate and external signs of the animal.Rabbit usually somewhat smaller than males, have an elongated head and wide rump.