How to cut pink salmon ?

How to cut pink salmon ?

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How to cut pink salmon?

You can buy ready-made salmon fillet, but much more delicious dish you get when you buy a whole fish and its own butcher.

So, how correctly to cut pink.

  • before butchering the carcass, it should be thawed.The easiest way to do this, just put the frozen carcass in the refrigerator overnight, where it is slowly thawed.But it is better to butcher pink salmon, not completely defrosted - so that would be outside of the carcass was already soft, and inside near the bones, still frozen.For this fish is best to leave a 1.5-2 hour thawed at room temperature.
  • Clean pink salmon from the scales.To do this, take the fish by the tail and a special knife or trowel from the tail to the head clean off the scales.After wash out of the fish in flowing water.
  • eviscerated.To do this an incision in the belly from head to anus and carefully remove the viscera, including caviar.With extreme caution should be remove the gallbladder.If he still exploded, the inside of the fish will have to wash carefully.Scrape the inner cavity of the fish with a knife and rinse under running water.
  • Remove the gills.This can be done with a knife or your fingers to pull out.Do not prickly pink gills, because this is not difficult.
  • Before carve pink salmon on, you need to decide how you'll prepare it.It can be cut into steaks or slices lengthwise, remove the flesh and make the stuffing or make fillets.

How to cut pink salmon fillet:

  • cut off the head, tail and fins;
  • on the back line along the carcass makes an incision;
  • shoot with the carcass skin - it takes up the edge of the incision in the back, a little cut and pull to the side of the abdomen.When half the skin is removed, turn the carcass and remove the skin from the second half.
  • from the incision gently tear off the meat from the bones.If the flesh will separate bad, you can use a sharp knife.
  • When on one side the pulp is separated, takes over the ridge and gently pull it together with bones from the second side of the carcass.
  • remove the remaining bone fillet.

exceeds the fish is ready for final preparation.We tell you how to cut pink.