How to become a prostitute ?

Before we talk about how to become a prostitute, we are obliged to draw your attention (and most likely recall the hundredth time) that prostitution is illegal.Daily conducted raids aimed at the identification and capture of prostitutes and pimps.The girls were fined and released, pimps shines criminal prosecution.And in the end, prostitution is condemned by society, and the girls of easy virtue are not respected.Also retained a high risk of catching a bunch of terrible diseases or being beaten or killed by another client (and who knows what's on his mind?).In order not to push anyone to the crime, we will not give any instructions, just will tell about how the girl becomes a prostitute, and that it generally is.This information is for information only and is intended to expand the horizons and in any case does not call into prostitution.

Morality and ethics

girl, who has decided to become a prostitute, oversteps the laws of morality, spit on public opinion.However, as a rule, I am ashamed to admit parents and other relatives and friends of their class.


Future prostitute is fitted in the "salon", where there is security, driver, strict control of expenditure / revenue.Half or more than half of the salary it pays to owners.Pimp sure to squeeze all the juice out of the ward, will take the lion's share of the salary.About the health of their pimps prostitutes do not care - because you can always find another one and put on a replacement to pick up HIV infection or beaten.In this profession a person does not mean anything, it simply does not.


Working for yourself, individuals - to themselves pimps.They are determined by the price.First of all, the price depends on the exterior, followed by age, charm, charisma, knowledge of foreign languages.Even the price depends on the range of services - women are excluded from its list of services various perversions are much less than those who are willing to do everything.


Prostitutes of "salon" is transported by places - it can be saunas, various apartments.Independents tend to rent an apartment in the center of the area that the client really be reached at any time of the day.Independent takes care of that apartment was cozy and clean, so there were slippers, tea, coffee, wine glasses, and of course, condoms.In a rented apartment prostitutes do not keep anything of value, otherwise it is valuable, sooner or later will be dragged someone from customers.

Elite prostitutes

How to become an elite prostitute, we will not tell.We'll let you know what it represents.Certainly before the next night with a customer visits the boutique gets erotic clothing (not vulgar, prostitute-the elite, not the street), be sure to use expensive perfume, make a manicure and pedicure.

That's how she becomes a prostitute.It can become an elite prostitute in bed, work for a pimp or herself.