How to tie a man?

How to tie a man?

Sometimes in life there are situations when it is necessary to resort to extreme measures.Let's say you managed to detain the robber, and here you called the police, but so far outfit will arrive at the scene, your culprit could easily escape.In this article, we'll show you how to tie the man that he could not escape.

Human Bondage determined by the decision of specific targets.So, while escorting bind only the hands and to prevent violent behavior apply more stringent measures.They may include not only the bonding hands, but also the legs and torso.So, let's look at how to tie the most reliable human hosts.

How to tie the hands of

Let's start with the fact that the hand is usually associated front except for the case when a detainee is brought to transport, in this situation it is best to tie in the front.

to reliably limit the movement in the binding arms should be in the following locations, select each of them at your discretion:

  • hands are behind his back and hands crossed;
  • hands still behind him, one brush located above the other;
  • hands behind his back, and the cyst should be pressed against each other back side;
  • hands are behind his back - one on top and one below;
  • hand position for the head, hands crossed at the same time, and the free end of the rope tied to the trouser belt;
  • your hands robber crossed on his chest, hands placed behind his back.

How to tie a man?During this process, try to be laterally beyond the reach of the opponent's feet.The best thing is to get the person to face the wall, leaning on her hands or to lie on his stomach with his hands folded behind his back.

What and how to communicate

Tie rope is best, but if you did not have it on hand, use the trouser belt or tie.The last option is the easiest.Pull the loop of the tie at the hands of the enemy, to be located parallel to each other.Tighten the loop, dilute the ends of the tie in different directions and tie bottom "eight".

Let's move on to the main "tool" to bind.So, how to tie a man?There are several options:

  • method first.Take the rope length of about 2.5 meters around, get the person to lie down, sit astride it.Take the rope and make tightening the noose.To do this, take one end of the right hand and once wrapped around his left hand.She also grab the free end of the rope, and then boldly, tighten the noose.Pull the long end and a loop will be delayed.
  • There is also a loop of "pounce" - for rapid bonding.To get such a loop, fold the rope in half, then the right hand, take her by the end.Closed-end open and put on your fingers, and then open the closed end of the rope to apply in the right breast.Then you need the thumb and forefinger of the right hand to lay down a rope, hold, and move the left hand along the rope to the left.Now throw in a loop on your hands or feet, and tighten by separating the ends of the rope.Obkrutite related parts of the body two or three times and you're done!

Now you know how to properly tie a person can successfully use this knowledge in practice!