What are the family ?

What are the family ?

family - great value, which was created by man.In its positive development, strength and reliability of the family ties of the State concerned.The specific definition of the family in no science, despite the fact that it is trying to make the great thinkers, many centuries ago.In the usual sense of the family - a social unit, participating in the social and biological reproduction of society.Types and kinds of families very much, the main types of families are classified according to various criteria.

family types

consider what are the family.The well-known American scientist, sociologist Morgan believed the family has gone through certain stages of development, in which the circle narrowed sexual relations and communication between family members strengthened.These relationships are historical types of families.

  • Promiscuity.This type of family was typical for the lowest stage of development.Sexual relations are not governed by any rules, among all members of society have unlimited sex.
  • Consanguine.For this type of characteristic was the group marriage and sexual relationships allowed between people who belong to the same generation.That is, the family formed of brothers and sisters, regardless of the degree of kinship.
  • Punaluan.This is a form of marital relationship in which partners were sisters and brothers of one kind of another kind.It was the first step towards marriage pair.
  • Sindiasmicheskaya.In this form of marriage a man living with a woman.When you divorce the children remained with their mother.For the first time determined the real biological father.
  • monogamous.This form of marriage relations was established on the close relationship between man and woman.Terminate a marriage could only men will.

main family types

following main types of families can be distinguished in the modern world: patriarchal, nuclear, parent.

  • patriarchal family is the most common type.He suggests that the head of the family is a man.It is the responsibility of making important decisions regarding the fate of the children, it is the distributor of the family funds.Such a phenomenon quite common in our days, the supremacy of men in many families has not been canceled.In such a family, the wife is in subjection to her husband, and the children from their parents.Regardless of whether the wife works or not, money will still manages her husband, even if its income is less than his wife.
  • nuclear family - these are families in which the parents live together and non-family children.For this type of family is characterized by mutual respect and mutual aid, and this manifests itself openly, in contrast to the patriarchal type.In recent years, an increasing number of small families.This can happen if the family has one of the spouses died, or they were divorced.As a result, a single parent raising a child or children.
  • Parent.That such a family in which the woman was not married to the father of their children.According to statistics, one in six children born out of wedlock.Often, these families create a mature woman, for which purpose becomes the birth of the child.Today is quite common - law marriage.Man and woman can live for many years under the same roof, but did not register their relationship.

Modern Family Types

Consider the types of modern families, depending on the nature of the division of responsibilities.On this basis, sociologists identify three main types of family relationships:

  • Traditional.This is a traditional type of family cohabitation involves at least three generations.The leading role given to the eldest in the family of man.In such a family the woman is economically dependent on her husband.Responsibilities between men and women are clearly defined and recognized the priority of women in family matters.
  • Alternative.In such a family the same settings as in a traditional family.But here she is entitled exclusively to domestic work.
  • egalitarian.For this type of characteristic is the distribution of household responsibilities between all family members, spouses together take decisions on domestic issues, discuss urgent problems together and make decisions together.

Depending on what can be a family, changing roles of men and women.Today, a large number of women participate in public and political life of the state, and it is not surprising that in many countries men take leave to care for a child, there is a redistribution of responsibilities and leadership in the family.