How to determine the sex of a turtle ?

How to determine the sex of a turtle ?

Pets are called to bring joy and peace to their owners.Many of us, however, forget that our pets - they are living beings, which is the same as the person may experience a variety of emotions from the most positive to the darkest.We need to care for their little brothers and treat them with respect.Today we'll show you how to determine the sex of a turtle.To be able to relate to the turtle with respect, you need to know with whom we are dealing with a boy or a girl.

determines the sex of the turtle

view turtles exist on this planet for over 220 million years.It's no joke, but a few species can boast such a rich history.In the scientific world turtle conventionally classified into 2 groups: sea and land.Turtles can be found almost everywhere in the tropics and in temperate climate zones.

How to determine the sex of turtles krasnouhih?This type of slow-moving creatures refers to emydidae.In order to accurately determine the sex of the red-your, you must wait until the turtle will live one year.It is this age is characterized by the sexual maturation of an animal.Also, the floor should be determined in comparison with other members of the species to obtain a more accurate picture.There are a number of sex differences turtles, which are valid for any kind of analysis.Here's what to look out for:

  • tail length, tend to be more sexually mature males.A shorter tail is characteristic of females.
  • plastron - a flat plastron of turtles.In males, it is very concave.In females the plastron is almost flat.Especially should pay attention to the morphology of the anal scutes.In the male, the boards are different in size and shape from those of the female.In addition, the distance between the anal scutes plastron and carapace (shell) is always smaller than the males.
  • Males are usually much smaller than the females.
  • Some turtles can accurately determine the sex of the animal on the carapace width.Typically, the female carapace wider than the same in males.The structure of the rear guards of the carapace of males is characterized by its jagged and severity (more stick).Here's how to determine the sex of turtles.

Returning to the subject of sexual differentiation krasnouhih turtles, it may be noted that in addition to the main features of the differences that are characteristic of all species of turtles, there are those that will help deal with your pet Krasnouhov floor.Claws and tail of the male turtles krasnouhih longer than those of females.After a year of life in captivity or after 2-3 years in the wild male grooming implements instinct, which is expressed in the perturbation of the clutches of the female before the eyes.

How to determine the sex of turtles of land?Land turtles - it is a whole family that includes 40 species of turtles.Therefore, for a more precise determination of sex of the animal is necessary to find out to whom it belongs mean your pet.The main features of determining the sex of the turtles, which are described above, are also valid for the tortoises.If you can not exactly call to mind what concerns your pet, it is better to consult a veterinarian.