Why exterminating the Jews ?

Why exterminating the Jews ?

Consider why during the Second World War came the genocide of the Jewish people.This question has always aroused interest in people.What are the reasons it is the Jews, that they could do such a terrible, to be destroyed en masse.Many people still do not understand why the extermination of the Jews.After all, they are the same people and have the right to life.To understand this question, let us turn to history.

What is genocide

concept is relatively new, but it has its place in the history of man.Genocide - crime against people with different national, religious or racial characteristics.For the first time the word "genocide" was used by the Polish lawyer Raphael Lemkin.He mentioned it in his writings, which described the mass murder of Jews.Thereafter, the term began to be used at the trial lawyers at Nuremberg, where it was a question with war criminals.

Holocaust in Germany

Before to power in Germany, Adolf Hitler came, there were about half a million Jews in its territory.They are exactly the same as the Germans, have equal rights.The Jews took an active part in the life of their country and did much for its prosperity.Why destroy the Jews, if they had the same right to exist?

all changed dramatically with the advent of Hitler.He had a plan that is associated with the Jewish people, and gradually he began to implement it.The main objective of the plan was to separate the Jews from German society.Hitler wanted to blame the Jews that because they had problems in the country, and put this nation is not in the best light.First they tried to evict Jews from Germany and deprive them of their citizenship.To do this, people dismissed from their jobs, taking their property.But homicide is not reached.Then there were periods of calm, and the Jews believed that all they have experienced in the past.

During the Olympic Games in Germany, all the anti-Semitic signs disappeared.Hitler had to show the world that his country's all live in peace and friendship and honor their leader.Everything returned to normal, after the Olympics Jews began to leave the country en masse.The world belonged to the tragedy of the Jews only regret and did not try to reach a friendly helping hand.All were convinced that the Jews to cope with their problems.

And Hitler decided that there are still many Jews, and this problem needs to be solved somehow.Policy with respect to their changed dramatically.All Jews over 6 years were required to wear a distinctive sign in the form of a yellow star.They also had to hang a star on the entrance of their homes and apartments.Jews were forbidden to appear in shopping malls and office buildings around.They took away the winter clothes, which were transported to the front.For the purchase of the products they had only one hour a day.And later they were forbidden to buy milk, cheese and other necessary products.Everything was done to ensure that chances of survival have left.

In September 1942 began the eviction of Jews from the German capital.Jews were sent to the East, where they were used as a workforce.The country began to build death camps.And the purpose of their creation was the annihilation of the Jews and people of other nationalities.From the side of the fascists to take all measures in order to exterminate the Jews and to prevent the continuation of their kind ever.Above them, brutally tortured, and then killed, and even burned their remains.It is only because Hitler imagines himself to be God, having the right to decide the fate of people.He believed that such a nation has no right to its existence and must be destroyed.

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