How to breed parrots ?

How to breed parrots ?

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How to breed parrots?

most popular pets in the class of birds are parrots.Incredibly interesting, unique, charismatic, smart birds, who can whistle a tune and play human speech.

Popularity purchased parrots immediately due to its bright, unusual plumage.But they were the prerogative of only the highest nobility.When passing through the ocean, most birds perished on the ship.For this reason, and we began to breed birds in captivity.In Belgium and Holland the first bird farm opened in 1845.

Breeding parrots at home

Anyone people today can acquire these wonderful birds.Right at home on their own can get chicks to create the right conditions that will promote proper breeding parrots.You must abide by the specific rules for the removal of small chicks.There are both general and specific rules for certain types of breeding chicks.

How to breed parrots actually

To parrots became multiplied, it is necessary that they are sexually mature.This is one of the mandatory conditions, so how much older and much younger birds will not be able to give a healthy and strong offspring.It is strictly forbidden during obesity, disease or molting parrot breeding.Failure to do so cherished and very important rule may result in the loss of your bird.

In preparing the birds for breeding should be increased vitamin feed supply.It greens, fruits, sprouted grains.As it is necessary to introduce a feed diet that contains a large amount of mineral salts.

How to breed budgies

for breeding budgies need a fairly large cell, so that the pair was spacious and did not hurt.In special rooms or enclosures may be diluted with a few pairs of the same species.At a height must be nests because birds like to take a higher positioned sockets.The room should not be a single, and sockets must be greater than the number of pairs of parrots.The most favorite, widespread and accessible considered lovebirds, budgies and Karels.They are not whimsical.Sexual maturity of these birds begins already in year 1 and continues until 9 years.General Terms and Conditions, which all birds are important enough for their reproduction.If you're wondering how to breed budgies, video will tell you a lot more - it's fun, exciting spectacle.To collective birds include parrots, reproduce them in cages and is not more than 10 pairs.But the lovebirds can live your life in a small pack.

So you learned how to breed parrots, video on the Internet will be able to tell you in detail about this.