How to cook cabbage pie ?

How to cook cabbage pie ?

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How to cook cabbage pie?

Homemade pie with cabbage - a dish for all occasions.This cake can be put on a New Year's table, to feed his family for an evening tea party, or they treat their households during the post Rozhdestvensky.Pie with cabbage never get bored, because you can cook it for a variety of recipes - from classic Russian cake made from yeast dough and ending oparnogo jellied cake or cake of puff pastry.Let us consider how to bake a cake with cabbage.

As we mentioned above, in the kitchen Russian cabbage pie usually made from yeast dough and toppings to make it from fresh cabbage.To this filling was particularly tasty and nourishing, cabbage stewed with butter, then add to it finely chopped boiled eggs.The hassle with the preparation of a filling, of course, a lot, but the result is worth it.Incidentally, in the Ukrainian cuisine is more popular cabbage stuffing made from sauerkraut.About the method of its preparation, we were told in the article How to make stuffing for pies.

Traditional Russian yeast cake with cabbage

First you have to knead the dough and put it to rise.

Ingredients for

  • dough Wheat flour of the first grade - six glasses
  • Boiled water - about
  • half liter Eggs raw - one piece
  • Refined vegetable oil - half a cup
  • Sugar - four tablespoons
  • Sol- one teaspoon
  • Dry baker's yeast - one standard bag

test Preparation

  1. Sift all the flour into a large enamel bowl.Pour
  2. flour in all other dry ingredients (yeast, salt, sugar) and thoroughly mix them with flour.
  3. Heat the water to body temperature.Break an egg over the bowl and loosening it with a fork.
  4. Gradually pour the water into the flour and knead the dough.To cake turned out a magnificent, knead the dough for at least a quarter of an hour.In the process of kneading the dough, add the egg at the end of kneading the dough pour oil.Monitor the consistency of the dough and, if necessary, add a little water or flour on the contrary.
  5. As a result, well-vymeshennoe dough should keep up with the arms and sides of the bowl, but at the same time, it should be very soft and pliable.
  6. Cover the dough with cling film and place the bowl in a warm place.While the dough is suitable, get cooking cabbage filling.

Ingredients filling

  • Big head of cabbage
  • Five eggs
  • polpachki butter
  • Four large onions
  • polpachki butter
  • little vegetable oil, pepper, salt and sugar.

Preparation filling

  1. Boil hard boiled eggs and cool them.
  2. Peel onions, slice them thin quarter-rings.
  3. Take the largest and thick-walled pan, which you have, put it on low heat, pour the oil into the pan and load a chopped onion.
  4. until onion is slowly stew, put it on a plate full kettle of water (let it boil) and prepare cabbage.Wash it, cut into quarters, remove the stalk and shred the cabbage as thinly as possible.
  5. Put the cabbage in a large enamel pot and fill it with boiling water.Note: If the sprouts have so very hard, you can put the pot on the fire and boil the cabbage a few minutes.
  6. Wait about five minutes and fold blanched cabbage in a colander.
  7. By this time the bow has to become soft.Sprinkle onions teaspoon of sugar and hold on the fire until when it becomes light golden.
  8. Take small portions of cabbage colander, strongly pressing it between your hands and get cabbage balls put in a pan with onions.
  9. When all the cabbage is thoroughly wrung out, mix it, strengthen a little flame and add to the pan the butter.
  10. After a few minutes, turn off the stove.
  11. The chilled cabbage, add the chopped eggs and sliced ​​dill.Stuffing pepper and salt to taste it.

The bulk of the work is done.Then proceed as usual - on the laid parchment baking a pie shape (classic cake and make a closed rectangular) and bake it at 180 * C and until a crust on the cake will not be light brown.

more simple recipe cabbage pie dough, kneaded with yogurt, you will find in this article Prepare quick and tasty, and inexpensive.