How to dissolve the sucker ?

How to dissolve the sucker ?

lohom can be called a man who wants to get a lot of different benefits, but do not spend this much effort, money, and effort.As a result, not only goof gets nothing, but rather losing a lot of money, time and effort.And because of their greed, desire for quick and easy enrichment fuckers are frequent targets of the draw, or fraud.As

diluted Lohan: options

Dilute Lohan quite simple: promise it at the lowest cost fabulous wealth.This may be something akin to the Field of Miracles of the famous fairy tale for all of us, "Pinocchio."By the way, perhaps, was not in vain, this field in the country of Fools.

Currently, there are a huge number of schemes divorce suckers for money, that thrive on the Internet.Let us consider some of them.

Dilute Lohan: magic wallets

Online often see ads about magic purses.All that is required for a living, it is transferred to these wallets certain amount of money to enter the bottom of the list the number of your purse Yandex.As promised the authors of such announcements very soon on your wallet overwhelm the real money "rain."As

diluted Lohan: a pyramid scheme

creating a financial pyramid, its owner clearly understands that depositors money will bring him huge profits.But Loh believes he can make a fortune by investing in a pyramid money.And such financial pyramids on the expanses of the Internet is not enough.This is due to the fact that in this case, the recipient of funds may remain anonymous, difficult tracking financial flows.As a result, attract the founder of the financial pyramid on the Internet to criminal liability is problematic.

Dilute Lohan: training workshops making money

Various seminars "Business" or "a quick way of making money" are for the most cunning scheme for weaning money from suckers.Most often in such seminars regurgitate the well-known Carnegie book.After the end of the workshop, his students offer to do to continue learning in school - high school - college - university - academy.And with each step of training is more and more expensive.As a result, the Loch spends his time and a lot of money, almost nothing in return.