Cocktail " Cemetery "

Cocktail " Cemetery "

Thanks to the huge variety of alcoholic and soft drinks bartenders have created over the years a variety of alcoholic drinks and coming up with their original names.Looking at cocktail "cemetery", you can immediately understand why this name was given a drink.

So, in search of a prescription and the composition of the cocktail "cemetery", you can find two options.

  • Cocktail "Cemetery of the mind" on the form does not cause association with the cemetery.But if you try it, the human mind is not something that is becoming hazy, but simply explodes.
  • A cocktail of "Ghost in the cemetery," people instantly recognize only one look at him.The combination of black vodka and light vanilla ice cream just makes me think about bringing a mysterious, lurking in the dark.

will not languish in waiting, to satisfy their curiosity and learn composition and recipe cocktails Cemetery.

How to make a cocktail Cemetery mind


  • 50 ml.Silver tequila
  • 40 ml.absinthe
  • 20 liqueur Kahlua
  • 20 liqueur Cointreau

To prepare need two shots, one martini glass, cocktail spoon (knife) and matches.The cocktail "Cemetery of the mind" the ice is not used, but all the ingredients must be cold.


  1. in a special martini glass poured tequila.
  2. first shot (stack) is filled with absinthe.
  3. A second shot of stacked layers of two liquor.At the bottom is poured liqueur Kahlua, and on top of it with the help of a cocktail spoon or knife allowed Cointreau.
  4. incinerate both glasses.

How to drink a cocktail Cemetery mind

In this delicate matter you will need a bartender or other assistant.In a glass with tequila, insert a straw and start to drink quickly.At this time, the bartender will pour into a glass of absinthe at first, and then the contents of the second glass.If you pour a drink from two shots at the same time, the person will not feel crisp taste of the various components.

How to make a cocktail Ghost in the cemetery


  • 60 vodka
  • 60 ml.Liquor White creme de cacao with a stunning chocolate-vanilla taste
  • 1 scoop vanilla ice cream Nutmeg

need to prepare a shaker and a tall, narrow glass (hayboll).


  1. In a shaker mix vodka black and white cream liqueur cocoa.
  2. in a tall, narrow glass placed one ball of vanilla ice cream.
  3. Very slowly and carefully poured into a glass with ice-cream mixture from the shaker.

How to drink a cocktail Ghost in the graveyard?This cocktail drink in one gulp, eating nutmeg.