How to pickle mushrooms ?

How to pickle mushrooms ?

Probably no one in our country holiday table is complete without a variety of domestic pickles and marinades.For many, the lack of salt on the table tomatoes, cucumbers and pickled mushrooms equivalent to the absence of bread.That is why the majority of housewives so diligently and carefully approach the blanks for the winter.Use the experience of their mothers and grandmothers, experimenting, shtudiruet bunch of recipes.It's so nice when your work is not just like guests, but also feeds them!

In Russia opened so that many love to collect and harvest the mushrooms themselves.But how to pickle mushrooms, so they were tasty, and most importantly, safe?

Rules marinating mushrooms

To no longer the question arises, how to pickle mushrooms for the winter and how to make them safe, we offer you a few general rules of marinating.

If you - a connoisseur of mushrooms and know how to collect them, it is better do it yourself.In an extreme case, buy mushrooms in large stores or people who can be fully trusted.One poisonous mushroom in a large basket can cost you and your family's health, and even life!

During marinating should be aware of the maximum cleanliness of the workplace, hands and utensils in which the mushrooms are stored, because that microbes - organisms insidious and can survive even at high temperatures.At home, there are two possible ways to sterilize containers, ie, cans marinade.You can put them on for half an hour over a boiling kettle or ignited in the oven for twenty minutes.But do not forget that you need to put the jars in a cold oven and let them heat up with her.Otherwise, a crack of the glass momentary overheating.Do not forget about the sterilization of caps.They can be boiled in a small saucepan.

Getting marinating, disassemble mushrooms species.This is because different fungi in various properties, taste and firmness.If you're all mixed up, it turns out not very tasty and aesthetically pleasing.

For marinating better select young and medium-sized mushrooms.If it happened that you only larger specimens, is their cut.In many cookbooks and recipes stating how to pickle mushrooms, and some of them are more suitable for this purpose.It is very suitable for marinating mushrooms, aspen and boletus, boletus, chanterelles, Mokhovikov, mushrooms and others.If the mushrooms you have a lot better to cut off the legs and cook them separately.They are much rougher and harder hats.

Particular attention should be paid to the marinade.Remember that the acidic environment not only creates so.It kills dangerous pathogens terrible illness - botulism.These pathogens are very fond reproduce it in cans, especially at home and cooked properly!

Most fungi require boiling before marinating.This should be done in salted water.Remember that the first portion of the water necessary to wash away, and only the second water to cook the mushrooms on.

How to marinate porcini

To begin prepare mushrooms.Will select all "wood decoration" - caterpillars, leaves, twigs, bugs and thoroughly wash out the mushrooms.Then analyze their size, cut off the feet, if necessary, can cut.

then boil them for approximately 30 minutes in lightly salted water.The time when the mushrooms are ready, can be identified by the fact that the water stops foaming and mushrooms sink to the bottom of dishes.

Prepare the marinade.Per liter of water:

  • dining room (with a slide) salt spoon;
  • teaspoon of sugar;
  • dessert spoon of vinegar (70%), 3-4 tablespoons (30%) or 100-130 g.(9%)
  • few peas black pepper;
  • the same number of sweet peppers;
  • lavrushki pair of leaflets;
  • other seasonings are added exclusively for housewives to taste (garlic, dill, clove and oak leaves).

You can marinate the mushrooms in two ways: either they boil a few minutes in the marinade or pour prepared marinade over mushrooms.It all depends on what used to hostess.

If you decide to pour marinade over mushrooms, then place them on the banks.In this case, peppers, Lavrushka and other seasonings (garlic, dill umbrellas, etc.) should be put on the bottom of the banks.Then pour the boiling marinade mushrooms, cover with hot lids and leave to twist.Rolled up banks turn over and leave in a warm place (you can wrap them in a blanket or warm coat old).One day we put the banks on a storage refrigerator or other cool place.

How to marinate mushrooms mushrooms

Honey mushrooms are more soft and delicate structure, so they should be boiled in much less time.Approximately 10-15 minutes.The rest you can use the same recommendations as for white mushrooms.

good hostess characterized in that it is capable of experimentation and creativity in the kitchen.I hope this article has helped you understand how to pickle mushrooms, marinade recipe will make delicious and savory mushrooms!