Useful properties of peas

Useful properties of peas

Peas - is an annual plant that belongs to the legume family.Peas is very popular because it can be eaten in any form: dried, cooked, fresh and canned.This product is like both adults and children, and useful properties of peas can be listed indefinitely.

Peas: useful properties

Remember the saying "in the year"?So it is with those imperial times, peas known Russians.From early peas cooked soups, porridge, cooked jelly and even baked cakes!Peas in Russia and used to treat many ills.For example, pea gruel of unripe grains was applied to the sore spots, healing sores, eczema, acne and other inflammatory skin.Russian and overseas beauties know what pea powder will make them even more beautiful, whiter and give the skin a soft, velvety tone.

Miracle "pea"

The peas useful in our day?In peas contain a large amount of amino acids, which is the source of the meat.The protein in dry peas abound!Many athletes eat peas, so to speak, to stimulate muscle growth.Perfect peas and improve brain function.He remarkably enhances memory, and in young children accelerates the growth process.

Loved by many peas, rich in macro and a variety of vitamins.This and vitamin C, and vitamin A and beta-carotene, which improves vision perfectly.Useful properties of peas are unique!According to the number of B vitamins and folic acid - a real leader!In peas contain minerals that miraculously rejuvenate the body, especially for women.They improve the growth of hair and nails and smooth the first wrinkles.By the way, in the old days it was said that it was peas can enhance sexual desire of man.To do this, you need to consume it in its raw form, pre-soaking for several hours in the raw water.Well, for better absorption by the body of peas, you can add the soaked peas teaspoon of honey.

It should tell you about the useful properties of not only the pea, but its leaves.They contain citric acid and oxalic acid, and decoctions and infusions from the leaves of pea great help rid the kidneys sand and small stones.

no pain, and peas accept haste

way, useful properties of pea and unique for cancer.It contains elements that tend to exert anticarcinogenic effect of suspending the growth of tumors in the human body.Just before eating peas for food, it is desirable nevertheless to consult a doctor.

You can not forget about the fact that peas used in the treatment of many diseases such as tuberculosis and cardiovascular diseases.It helps snizat blood pressure and has an excellent diuretic effect.

And yet, in ancient times said that he who eats peas, has a calm disposition and balanced character.Well, eat peas with pleasure, giving not only the appetite, but also to good health!