What is eczema ?

What is eczema ?

Eczema is called chronic acute inflammation of the skin layers, which has a neuro-allergic character.It is caused by exposure to internal stimuli.Various skin disorders, redness, cracks, dry areas - that's what the eczema.Damaged skin is exposed to various infections.This is why acne and ulcers often appear together with eczema.

Causes Eczema

Why eczema occur?The reasons of its manifestations may be different from external damage to diseases of various organs and systems.This disease is not considered contagious.On it today accounts for almost half of all skin diseases.Eczema affects children and adults.

can not always be considered a true statement that eczema - a long illness and chronic disease may also occur acutely, as acute disappearing.To the disease is not passed in the chronic form, start to treat it should be after the first signs.

Signs of eczema

  • appearance of the skin peeling, cracking
  • Pigmentation irritated skin
  • Dry affected areas.

Types of eczema

  • True eczema.It occurs at any age, acute relapses often occur, the disease almost always becomes chronic.During the acute phase there is a rash microvesicles.When they vskroyutsya, in their place are pockets of erosion, through which the Department of serous fluid.Eczema gets wet.
  • Microbial eczema.Occurs if an ekzemizatsiya foci pyoderma, infected burns or injuries.All this is certainly happening on the background of trophic disorders of the lower extremities, the presence lymphostasis and ulcers.Lesions of the disease are often located asymmetrically, stand out against the background of the skin.The center is erythema with crusts, after removing the surface becomes wet, her stand out small pockets of erosion.Away from the main focus may be allergic rashes.
  • nummular eczema.Different form of circular lesions with a diameter of 1.5 to 3 cm having a bluish color and scaly surface.Pockets of damage most often occur on the back of the hand.
  • Seborrheic eczema.In the lesions of this disease are present staphylococci and fungi Candida.It occurs when the body observed neuroendocrine disorder, or seborrhea.The hearth of the disease - the scalp, upper chest, forehead creases of limbs, the space between the blades.On the scalp there are flakes, yellow crusts, under which there is a weeping surface.Outbreaks have clear boundaries.Swelling, cracks are observed in the skin folds at the periphery - yellow flakes.On the trunk and limbs appear spots with clear boundaries gray-pink and flakes.
  • Baby eczema.There may be signs of seborrheic, or microbial eczema true, they may be combined in various ways.In some areas, more severe symptoms may be microbial eczema, the other - on the contrary will be amazed by the true.At the age of 3-6 months, these symptoms can occur in children who are bottle-fed.The boundaries indistinct foci, foci themselves are symmetrical.The skin is characterized by swelling, her moist areas are located, flake, peel.The disease starts hitting his cheeks and forehead, then moves on to the scalp, neck, ears and then spreads throughout the body.Seborrheic eczema can occur already on 2-3rd week of life due to malnutrition.The rash shows up on the forehead, cheeks, scalp.
  • Occupational eczema.This is a disease that occurs due to an allergic reaction to substances with which the contact occurs in the production process.Affects the open parts of the body: forehead, neck, hands.Outbreaks are accompanied by swelling and itching, get wet.Over time symptoms appear true eczema.The disease takes a long time, but the setback comes quickly, you only need not be in contact with the allergen production.Each successive aggravation occurs heavier than the previous.
  • Atopic eczema.It is characterized by dry, prone to flaking skin.Some areas of skin become red and inflamed.Patient brushing the skin due to severe itching.The scratching gets a bacterial infection on the affected skin pustules appear.The disease runs a chronic, observed exacerbation and remission, the disease is often associated with pyoderma and herpes.

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