Is Ringworm Contagious ?

Is Ringworm Contagious ?

question of depriving infectivity is always a great deal of controversy.In fact, there are several types of lichen, and asking the question about whether shingles is contagious, be sure to specify, about what exactly the type of depriving you say.

Is Contagious pink deprive?

This type of lichen is different to all the least contagious.Pink deprive a person can get infected only when its immune system is weakened.Infection pink lichen is most often seen in the spring.After the winter the human immune system is weakened due to the long absence of adequate nutrition and the presence of catarrhal infections that could also seriously affect health.The fact that pink shingles, according to the physicians - not pure infectious disease, but rather, an infectious-allergic.Since allergens affect not just the body, and the virus is pink lichen acts selectively.The most interesting thing is that, as such, the virus is pink lichen is still not found, or rather, it is unclear what kind of bacteria is its agent.Once again - to catch a pink lichen, a person must be severely weakened immune system.

Contagious Is Shingles?

As for shingles, its infectivity depends on whether the person previously suffered infection such as chicken pox.If the person is a child or other age had chickenpox, shingles is for him absolutely not dangerous, since he developed an immunity to such viruses.But if a person is up to the moment of contact with another person or animal infected with shingles, was not sick chickenpox, such contact can cause infection.However, we must admit that the shingles infection is possible only in the case when new bubbles appear on the patient's body.

But after the bubbles have ceased to act and dried up, the risk of contracting herpes zoster is nearing zero.Furthermore, if covered by clothing acting bubbles, the catch is also virtually impossible.However, that is no reason to neglect the means of protection against infection.Do not touch the rash, even if they are dry.