How to treat a rash ?

How to treat a rash ?

rash called sudden changes in the skin or mucous membranes that are different from the normal skin color and appearance.This symptom accompanies many infectious, allergic, and autoimmune diseases.Also, a rash appears in the majority of adolescents during puberty.

give clear recommendations on how to treat the rash is not possible, because it all depends on the cause.If the rash is the only symptom, an urgent need to consult a doctor.But there are some types of rashes, which can be managed independently.

rash as a symptom of allergy

One of the most common causes of rashes in children is allergic.If you see that on the face, the inner surface of a child's hand appeared urticaria, remember whether he ate something new.Very often, this pathology appears after eating citrus fruits, sweet, includinghoney.But it all individually.It is treated by such a rash in a child antihistamines.If you have no experience in the use of such funds, their use is better to negotiate with your doctor.More information can be found here.


In young people and adults are prone to sweating diagnosed with such disease as prickly heat.It appears in the form of small bubbles with clear content.In children, this rash is most often localized in the buttocks and neck in adults - in places of natural folds.Such a rash on the body is treated by washing with a decoction of oak bark or series and various powders based on talc.

rash - a problem most teenagers

Acne appears reddish rash on the face, sometimes with whitish spots contents.It is quite natural problem related to the restructuring of the body.Teenagers should watch your diet, reduce the amount of fatty, sweet, starchy foods.Do not forget about the regular treatment of persons with special means, which can be purchased in any cosmetics department.Treat a rash on the face should be a specialist in its wide spread and the ineffectiveness of standard procedures.More detailed recommendations for the treatment of acne, click here.

«Acne» adult

In adults, sometimes a rash appears on the face is very similar to acne.But they, unlike the teenagers are advised to immediately visit a dermatologist or beautician.About 80% of people living on the face of a microscopic mite Demodex or Zheleznitsa acne.With stress, the fall of immunity, poor-quality care for the person, he starts to actively proliferate and cause such disease as demodicosis.This disease affects not only adults but also children, and is a frequent companion of acne.Treat a rash in a child needs a pediatrician, and adults - a dermatologist.Variants of self is better not to be considered.

What to do with a rash after being bitten by a nettle?

very unpleasant rash appears after the "bite" of nettles, mostly on the legs.In most cases, you can simply endure.But there are many proven tools that can ease the itching and burning.How to treat a rash on the legs, choose you based on the availability of funds.For example, burns can rub apple cider vinegar diluted with water.And if in your medicine cabinet is "Menovazin" - is a great way to get rid of unpleasant sensations.

«Pimples" on hand Neglecting

wearing winter gloves or mittens is fraught with painful rash on his hands - "pimples".With such a problem immediately run to the doctor unnecessary.Treat the "winter" rash on the hands can be on their own.To do this, lubricate the affected places a children's cream or cream for the hands and hold them warm.Almost certainly all the redness will go literally within two or three hours.But if there is no improvement, you should visit your GP.

fleeing from the consequences of a mosquito bite


From the point of view of medicine, mosquito bites - it is too rash.And few have the summer passes without bites of these insects .. Now there are many tools that can repel mosquitoes, but at the right moment they may not have on hand, or the mosquitoes will refuse to recognize their effectiveness.As a result there are multiple itchy bumps all over the body.From pharmaceutical preparations to cope with the aftermath of bites will help to "Vietnamese balm (" asterisk ")", "rescuer" ointment "Psili Balm", "Bepanten".Well-proven for this purpose ammonia.Simply soak a cotton wool and attach them to the bite site.

Folk remedies

You can try to make the salt or soda solution.To do this, dissolve in a glass of water half a teaspoon of salt or baking soda.The resulting solution soak a cotton wool and attach to the bite site.Apple cider vinegar diluted with water, is also a great help in relieving the itching.Psyllium, peppermint, celandine, green onions, attached to the bite is not as effective, but still bring tangible relief.

say exactly what the rash is quite difficult to treat.In each case, a rash - just a consequence, to eliminate that must be based on the nature of the disease.