How to treat shipitsu ?

How to treat shipitsu ?

Shipitsa - a viral disease, which entails special appearance of warts.Consider how to treat shipitsy on the legs, caused by low immunity or trauma to the skin.

methods of traditional medicine

Shipitsa as any wart is and chapped skin and appendages, rushing inside.If the tumor does not cause severe pain, it is better to start strengthening the immune system, whereby shipitsa go away.

With less positive outcome using one of the ways to eliminate tumors:

  • burning acid;
  • freezing with liquid nitrogen;
  • laser removal;
  • removal by mechanical means.

After medical intervention still need to strengthen the immune system, as there is a risk of new shipits.

Folk remedies

often traditional remedies are no less effective.Shipitsu can be treated:

  • Bow.It should grate and pour this mixture of vinegar.The resulting mixture was applied to neoplastic and leave for the night.
  • acetic test.To cook the flour is mixed with vinegar and from the resulting mass to make compresses.Before the procedure, the skin is desirable to steam and remove the upper part.
  • garlic or horseradish.For the patient area of ​​skin should be attached plate of garlic and leave on all night.If there is no garlic, you can replace it with horseradish.
  • celandine.For the treatment of shipitsu enough to grease a few times.Instead celandine neoplasm is treated with concentrated 70% of the vinegar.These funds must be used within a week.
  • Nettle.If shipitsa occupies a large area, then get rid of it will help the nettle.The young leaves of the plant should be grind in a meat grinder, put this mixture on the burdock leaf and then hide them sole.The morning will peeling chapped skin and roots shipitsy.
  • cement.Steam leg, cut the skin on the surface of tumors.Rub into shipitsu dry cement.When it dries, repeat the procedure.
  • tincture of potato flowers.To get rid of shipitsy enough to wet the cotton wool in the tincture and apply a compress to the affected area.A few days later the disease will begin to recede.

Now you know how to treat a variety of folk shipitsu and medical facilities.Also read another article on this topic - How to get rid shipitsy.