How to make a mask for hair?

How to make a mask for hair?

Many women are well aware that the skin of the face and hands requires constant care.Procedures such as massage, peels, masks have long been popular and in demand.Paying so much attention to their appearance, some of the ladies completely forget that the head skin also requires care.Usually it is to buy a good shampoo for hair.Of course, expensive shampoos and conditioners can make your hair smooth and silky, but for a complete hair care that strongly enough.

Value masks

thin, split ends, dandruff, scaling, hair loss and many other problems often arise due to poor nutrition of the skin.This adversely affects the hair follicle, which is responsible for the formation and growth of hair.Fat secreted sebaceous glands needs for flexibility, shine and elasticity of hair.Violation of the water and lipid balance of the scalp leads to dandruff, seborrhea and brittle hair.The primary goal of any hair mask - to saturate the skin with vitamins and trace elements.Salts of silicon, sulfur, zinc, iron and magnesium are essential for the formation of strong and healthy hair.Also mask strengthens hair follicles, improve hair growth, normalize lipid metabolism.

rules applying masks

Action mask will be much more effective if you know how to do hair masks, how to apply them and how much to keep.

Mask is better to apply before washing the head.For the preparation of the ingredients used, do not cause allergy.For the manufacture of masks, use only fresh products (sour cream, bread, eggs).If present in the composition of honey mask, it is best to melt in a water bath.Such a method will save useful microelements.Sour cream for masks, it is desirable to take the fat.Do not mix a large amount of ingredients, more - not better.The composition of the mask should be balanced, the products should complement each other.

Knowing how to use a mask for the hair, to avoid errors and, therefore, undesirable consequences.Number of ready mix should last for exactly one application.If after application, the masses of the left, it is not necessary to use it in a few days.All components of the mask must be thoroughly mixed and applied directly to the hair.After application, it is advisable to wrap up head with a towel.Cooling down, the mask loses its effectiveness.Do not keep longer allotted time, it can bring not benefit and harm.After applying, you must thoroughly wash your hair.


masks Medical masks should be used only when there are serious problems.Without ascertaining their causes, should not begin a course of masks.Skin dermatitis, increased sensitivity of the skin, allergies, severe hair loss and many other diseases require specialist examination.It is necessary to establish an accurate diagnosis, as many skin diseases include certain course of treatment, in which the need to clearly know how to use a mask for the hair, what ingredients can be used and which can not be categorically.Medical mask is best done a course and do within two months of regular one - two times a week.

Nutrients masks are used as a preventive measure.They can be done continuously, once a week.The greatest effect is achieved when their regular use.Optionally use one type of mask, they can be alternated.For example, the first week to make a honey mask, the second - a mask made of bread, or make it through times: the first time - the honey, the second time - bread.

main components of masks for hair

Masks based on bread, yogurt and clay are used if there is dandruff, seborrhea, pruritus.They are also very effective for oily skin.After course of such masks, dandruff disappears, normalizes the sebaceous glands.Bread masks are made using only the black (preferably wholemeal) bread.Rinse shampoo such a mask is not necessary, rinse the hair with running water very well.Clay dries very quickly, so you need to know how to make a mask out of clay for hair properly.Knead the mixture should be quickly and directly applied to the hair.The consistency of the mask should be at ten percent in sour cream.The clay should be diluted with warm water.If the mask includes oil or eggs, they are added in the diluted clay in water.Otherwise, the clay is completely dissolved.

coconut, burdock, castor oil and sea buckthorn oil are part of many masks.They are rich in vitamin A, unsaturated fatty acids, essential trace elements.Basically, they are used for hair loss, dandruff, dry and dehydrated under the scalp.They are great to moisturize the skin.The hair becomes silky, reduced itching and irritation.

Masks based on sour cream, yeast, cream, oatmeal suitable for damaged and dry hair.If your hair falls out, help the cabbage and onion mask.

Hair Care does not require much time.For hair to be healthy and beautiful, not necessarily to attend the expensive salons.Regular care at home will give amazing results.All you need - is to know how to make a mask for hair, apply it correctly, and most importantly - have a great desire to return its shine and beauty.