How to remove a scar in the home ?

How to remove a scar in the home ?

scars appear on the skin due to various reasons.They may be the result of cuts, bruises and deep scratches, the consequence of surgery or be traces of acne.All these imperfections look unsightly, so most people, especially women, tend to get rid of them.

basic rules

For whatever reason, there was no scar, it is important to remember that the sooner you take his breeding, the less time it will take, and the result will be better.After suffering a surgery or other violations integrity of the skin, remember the basic rules:

  1. wound should heal quickly.To this end modern pharmacology has developed a number of gels and ointments to facilitate healing and scar tissue resorption.
  2. Once the wound is completely healed, as well as to remove long-standing scars, regular skin exfoliation.By removing the upper stratum corneum, you improve the condition of the skin around the scar.
  3. Use a body scrub (or face).Naturally, only after the wound heals!You will achieve several goals: to increase blood flow to scar tissue that will contribute to their nutrition;gradually leveled surface of the skin, including in the exposed area.

Home remedies

Get rid of scar tissue as possible, taking advantage of the help of professionals.The fact that take more here: How to remove a scar on his face.If you decide to try to bring the scar at home, get ready for a long-term and regular work.Below are several ways to remove the scar in the home.


Softens the skin, improves the structure and powers, is rich in antioxidants.Natural honey apply a thin layer over the affected area several times a day, or use as a component of the masks.

lemon juice

With it, you will make the skin soft peeling, get rid of dead skin cells, increase skin elasticity.It is effective if the scars - the result of acne.It will help to cope with small whitish scars.Lemon juice has bleaching properties that will help to disguise the difference of shades of healthy skin and scars.Wipe the skin with half a lemon or a cotton pad soaked in the juice every morning.


Mix a handful of oatmeal with the same amount of cream, sprinkle with lemon juice.Get excellent scrub mask of scars.Use it at least 3 times a week.


effectively mask the scars are only possible if they normotroficheskie, t. E. Does not protrude above the surface of the skin (more about the types of scars, read the article How to get rid of scars).It will help foundation, sufficiently dense to even out skin tones and scar.

In other cases, you can try to hide the scar using a bronzer and highlighter.The main thing to pick them carefully regarding your skin color.Apply a scar bronzer, highlighter around and if the scar protrudes above the surface of the skin, and vice versa, if the form pits.