How to use hair oil ?

How to use hair oil ?

lot of different foreign manufacturers who sell tools for hair care products, added to their products special additives and oils.Of course, it would be much better and more effectively applied to the hair's natural oils, but you need to know which ones.After all, you can not only cure your hair, but also hurt them.Let's look at in this article is what you need for hair oil how to use this product and take a look at the advice of experts.

Types oils

oils should be selected according to the degree of fat.In order to decide what kind of oil to use for hair, only need to know what type belongs to your hair.

According to experts, the oil can be divided into 3 types:

  • Fatty oil.By this shea include mean, and castor.You should know that they have a very high molecular weight, and they tend to weigh down the hair.
  • Bold oil.To this species are avocado oil, sunflower and sweet almond.Hair is easily absorb them.
  • Dry oil.To this species belong to the coconut oil and grape seed.They do not make heavier hair.And they are even girls can be used, which have very thin hair.

tips about the use

oil before oil is applied to the hair, it is necessary to massage the scalp.Many women make the same mistake.They put the oil directly on the tips of her hair.So they do not want to do too oily scalp.But this is not entirely correct.The fact that by using oils conversely can adjust the degree of sebum.Since normalize the production of fat, using masks, scrubs and oils for the face.

  • Let's first look at using the hair oil with a fine structure.For thin hair oil is best applied directly to the scalp.If thicker hair or average thickness, apply throughout.
  • best to use different oils in the treatment of damaged or dry hair.We need to start applying to the hair ends and gradually move to the roots.The aroma of your chosen oil will help you to fully relax and enjoy the process.After application, comb the hair with a soft brush for about five minutes.Let the oil is absorbed into your hair is not less than fifteen minutes.Then wash your head with shampoo daily.
  • If you want to achieve from the treatment of the oil more rapid effect, they can warm up a bit.After all, due to the heat, the substances quickly penetrate the scalp and hair.Also, the use of warm oil helps to combat dry dandruff, help prevent hair loss, and eliminate itching.
  • But keep in mind that the oil can not be abused.Since the oil residues can accumulate in the skin and getting to the hair, they will make heavier.There is the risk of clogging pores.That is why we advise you to observe the frequency of this procedure is no longer the amount of time than it is possible for your hair type.For women who are prone to oily hair, you can use the oils more than once a week.
  • When buying oil always pay attention to the composition, as it may contain a variety of chemicals and silicon.And they are not desirable.Do not just buy too cheap products.You can add your desired oil in your shampoo, hair.While buying some products allegedly containing oil in its composition, you can not be sure one hundred percent that it contains exactly what a particular oil, and in the right quantity.Therefore it is better to protect yourself.
  • should know that pregnant women are strictly prohibited to use in hair care nut oils.Because they are derived from peanuts and pine nuts.
  • In order to make sure it is sometimes enough just to smell as you choose oil.And if no odor or conversely too sharp, it is best to avoid using.This can be very harmful.

oil Selection

  • Jojoba oil.It is suitable for all hair types and is thus not greasy oil.Hair is absorbed quite easily and does not weigh them.It can be used also for thin hair.
  • Argan oil.This oil is more suitable to care for thick hair.Argan oil is very sticky.And the disadvantage is that in order to wash it, you wash your hair several times.And the advantage is that this oil makes hair fragrance, shine and make them obedient.
  • Castor oil.This oil is used primarily as a tool to help combat hair loss, as well as to stimulate their growth.But the downside is that it is too weigh down your hair.Therefore, it is more convenient to use it for the growth of eyelashes.To do this, apply a small amount of oil to the eyelashes before bedtime.
  • olive oil.This oil can be used for all types of hair.It is very easy to wash off.

Tips wash oil

If you do not know how to wash oil from the hair, we can offer you several options that will simplify the task quite.

  • The burdock can add olive or coconut.Thus, quality will benefit and the mixture becomes not so greasy.
  • Before you put oil on your head, add it to the egg yolk.Because of this, oil is better absorbed into the hair and is easily washed off.
  • Even before applying oil, can be added to it, a little mustard.Due to the warming effect of the problems with the flushing should arise.

Now you know how to use the oil for hair.And thanks to all the advice above will learn to read at home to give your hair shine and vitality.