How to use a scrub ?

How to use a scrub ?

Perhaps every woman wants her face looked young and fresh, radiant look to the skin was.This can help exfoliant - scrub.Not long ago, about 15 years ago, scrubs were considered a novelty, and there was little choice in the shops.Nowadays, the cosmetic industry has taken a big leap forward, now on sale, there are scrubs for all skin types, and body scrubs, deep cleansing scrubs have intense, to narrow pores.Exfoliate skin cleansing and using cosmetics is called peeling.

new skin is breathing - scrub.Our skin is constantly updated, but sometimes she can not cope with the dead cells.This helps scrubs.These dead cells exfoliate, remove dirt that prolong youth and maintain your skin's health.You can read how to use the scrub below.

How to use a facial scrub

Light skin cleaning should be carried out so as not to hurt her.If you have decided on their own to carry out this procedure, you need to know a few rules.Now you understand how to use the scrub and read tips on using it.

  • not always indicate scrubs for any skin type it is intended.Direct assignment always clear.No way to purify the skin, do not use scrub for hands, body, especially the legs, in which the abrasive particles are larger and larger.
  • Beauticians recommend products a cosmetic line, in this case, scrub, lotion, tonic and cream complement each other, and the effect on the skin will be strengthened.And the risk of irritation or allergy is reduced.
  • Purification using a scrub is better to do at night, becausenight cell division increases, the skin is subjected to less stress, greater resting and recovering.
  • not apply the scrub on sensitive skin areas - around the lips and eyes.
  • To begin with clean skin as in the usual procedure, and then moisturize your face with water, apply the scrub.Smooth circular motion for 1-2 minutes.Rinse the scrub with warm water and apply cream.
  • If redness and tingling effect after using a scrub, do not pass, it means that the tool does not suit you.

How often use a scrub

important factor is the frequency of the use of skin cleansing agents.Since excessive can lead to undesirable consequences.For sure, one way or another, you are interested in the question of how often to use a scrub?Anytime you hear advice on the use of a scrub 1-2 times a week.But this is not always the case, for example, for a problem and very sensitive skin is recommended to use a scrub 3-4 times a month.But at home the recipes and high-quality cosmetics can be found rather "soft", gentle scrubs and such that you can use every day.It depends on the components and on the amount of abrasive particles.

It would seem crushed bone or shell nuts - natural ingredients.Hence, it means, which include abrasive particles are best used?In fact it is not, because "natural particles" often have sharp edges, they must be used very carefully, becauseIt can injure the skin.Good grind the skin particles of sea salt.It is best if the abrasive particles are synthetic balls, they carefully take care of the skin.

How to use body scrub

body scrubs are best to use in the shower.After you wash away the gel, when the body is steamed, and dead skin cells are easily peeled and the skin as a sponge absorbs everything useful.It is necessary to put on a body scrub and massage a few minutes, then rinse with water.Body Scrub is used 1-2 times a week.Depending on how to use the body scrub, with what intensity and regularity can achieve the desired result.Any procedures require careful and prudent approach.Only he is capable of providing security.Now you have read the information about how to use the scrub for face and body, how often to use it, and how to use it.