How to display a black hair color ?

How to display a black hair color ?

all of the fair sex from time to time change the color of her hair, repainting it in the brunette, the blonde.However, there are situations when a new color is not a person.Especially often this happens with black tints.And then the ladies are wondering how to get black hair color?And is it possible to do this?Get rid of the black color is possible, for this you can even choose the most appropriate way.

Special remover

most effective way to wash black hair color - it's a wash apply a special chemical dyes.It is possible to find one that does not contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.Wash affects the hair as follows: it penetrates the hair washes out its structure, artificial color pigments, without affecting the natural pigment.It should be noted that no spoils remover hair, but due to the fact that after washing hair dye voids are formed, they may appear weaker and thinner.Often, after the color flushing procedures be re-staining of the desired color.If you do not want to spend money on the interior, the washing procedure can be done at home, but it is rather difficult, as a means can be applied to the hair up to 5 times.Also the flushing composition from the hair by ordinary washing differs as follows pulling the hair strands by length to flush more paint.

hot oil masks

Wondering how to wash a black hair color, you can turn to the hot oil masks, which should be done several times a week, as a result of color will soon be brighter for a few tones.Oil mask return hair to its natural color, pulling of hair structure artificial dye.For such masks can take burdock, almond, flax, olive oil.Any of these oils must be heated in a water bath and a hot applied to unwashed hair.After that the head should wrap a towel from time to time to heat it to the battery.The mask is recommended to keep the hair for at least an hour and preferably overnight.It is worth noting that oil mask, will not only help get rid of the black color, but also improve the appearance of hair, make them fluffy, soft, shiny.

Mask of yogurt and mayonnaise

Rinse dark hair can be and with the help of "home" means.It should be several times a week applied to the hair mask of mayonnaise or yogurt.In addition, such masks have a beneficial effect on the hair and gradually clarified painted a dark color.The effect of such masks are not instant, but when used regularly, the result will be noticeable.The mask should be applied to the hair for an hour to warm a towel.After washing your hair, you can rinse with water with lemon juice, which is also slightly lightens the hair, giving it shine.

discolors the white henna

In order to get rid of the black color, can discolor their "White Henna".This method is often erroneously considered harmless, but it is not so."White Henna" is essentially a chemical blondoran, the use of which will only spoil your hair.Do not confuse white with colorless henna!

mask with hydrogen peroxide

In addition, you can try the following mask: Mix 2 teaspoons of green clay, 1 teaspoon of the mixture of 6 drops of ammonia and 20% hydrogen peroxide...Then you need to apply the mixture on your head for 5-10 minutes.After this time, all you need to rinse with warm water.

Now you know how to remove black hair.Take care of your hair and be beautiful.