How to plant henna?

How to plant henna?

Henna - affordable and natural material, which is often used to color hair in red and dark shades, as well as to create tattoos.But in order to get quality hair coloring or permanent and vibrant tattoo, henna should be diluted properly.

divorce henna tattoo for

to choose the best tattoo henna finely ground, it is sold in powder form.

  1. Sift the henna powder before kneading, then to paint a more uniform consistency.
  2. After that, add the right amount of powder, lemon juice and knead until the consistency of sour cream - paint should not be too thick or too thin.If you want a tattoo in darker, add a mixture of ground coffee or basmu.
  3. When the paint is well mixed up and is ready, wrap it in a tube for drawing and leave for a day - it will achieve a more saturated color tattoos.

There are other options for tattoo henna mixture:

  • half cup of strong brewed tea + 2 tbsp.spoons of sugar juice of half a lemon + + henna powder;
  • 1/4 cup of freshly brewed tea henna + + lemon juice + fresh drop of vegetable oil;
  • Henna + instant coffee + 2 tbsp.spoons of lemon juice + 5 drops of clove and eucalyptus oil.

divorce henna hair dye

Prepare henna hair dye is very simple: take a non-metallic container, pour the henna to add hot water and knead to a state of sour cream paint.It is important that no lumps remain.Typically, women use henna for coloring Iranian bags of 25 grams.If you have very short hair, it is enough to be half of the bag, on average 1-1.5 need a bag for long need 2 or more.Once the paint is ready to immediately apply it on the hair until it has cooled down.

If you want to be a dark shade of hair, then you can add paint basmu or coffee.

  • little boil four teaspoons of coffee, strain and add to the henna thick.
  • For shade of mahogany, you can add four tablespoons of cocoa.
  • to light chestnut color mix henna and basma a 1: 1.
  • dark and black color can be obtained by mixing in a ratio of 1 part henna and two parts Basma.For a very black color to 1 part henna need to add 3 parts Basma.

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