Why hurt the skin ?

Why hurt the skin ?

Cutaneous pain shows the subcutaneous tissues of the skin or damage.skin nociceptors terminate slightly below the skin level, and having a high concentration of nerve endings, broadcast localized, high-precision short-lived pain.And yet, why hurt the skin on different parts of the body?The most common skin diseases include carbuncle, boils, lymphadenitis, hydradenitis, felon.By and large it is a question not so much of a skin disease, inflammation of the skin as appendages.By "pure" skin inflammations only applies mug.


Why sore scalp?With high probability we can say that we are dealing with a furuncle - purulent acute inflammation of the hair follicle and the surrounding connective tissue.Part of the tissue with necrotizing.Manifested boil development in the hairy area of ​​skin inflammatory disease, red seal with ulceration in the central part - the core.On this site increased lymph nodes, the skin becomes hot.


This acute purulent inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue and skin around the sebaceous glands or more hair follicles.The process is spreading rapidly, accompanied with necrosis."A favorite" location for the carbuncle - back, lower back, face, back of the neck.Therefore, the answer to the question why the sore skin of the face, it can be "carbuncle".The skin at this point purplish-blue, inflamed, painful sharply.The process is accompanied by suppuration.In place of the rejection of dead skin arise funnel-shaped opening, and later - with podrytymi wound edges and gray muddy bottom.Carbuncle is complicated by fever, general intoxication of the organism, in severe cases, possible vomiting and loss of consciousness.


disease is a purulent inflammation of the sweat glands.The cause of hidradenitis sup- - staph, localization - the skin around the anus, scrotum, genitals at women, nipples, armpits.Inflamed sweat gland provokes inflammation of the surrounding subcutaneous fat.Aggravating factors are hidradenitis sup- untidiness, diaper rash, sweating, weakening of the body.It manifested the disease development in the skin depth of one or more dense painful nodules with redness of the skin over them.Further, there is softening and opening of nodules formed purulent fistulous passages.Penetrating into the surrounding breast, pus, and infects them.


This designation remember when faced with a painful inflammation of the lymph nodes.In fact, lymphadenitis is a complication of chronic and acute inflammations of the local nature, such as tooth decay, ulcers, boils, infected wound, can also develop in general infectious disease.Manifestations lymphadenitis - increase and tenderness of the lymph nodes.In the case of acute purulent lymphadenitis seen a sharp pain around the inactive nodes occurs painful seal - a consequence of the involvement of the surrounding tissues in the process.


disease is a purulent acute inflammation of the finger tissue.To distinguish felon deep and superficial.In the case of inflammation of periungual bed diagnosed specific form of felon - paronychia.Symptoms of subcutaneous felon - constant shooting excruciating, mostly nocturnal pain.To develop deep felon leads emerged on the surface facing the palm surface felon finger.Due to the dense skin process at this point it extends in depth.


Why hurt the skin on your feet?It is likely that there has been the development of erysipelas.For erysipelas characterized by general poisoning symptoms - fever, nausea, weakness, muscle and headache.It manifested the disease bursting feeling of pain and a burning sensation, redness with sharp edges protruding above the surface of healthy skin.