How to mix the hair dye ?

How to mix the hair dye ?

To emphasize its uniqueness and originality, a woman need not only stylish clothes and exclusive decoration.The appearance of folds and also by well-chosen makeup of the hair, and last but not least - from hair color.And in order to create a special, close to the natural color, women often resort to the mix hair dyes.

Can you mix hair dye

That is the question with which to start a conversation about this procedure.Just note: cosmetologists, doctors and specialists in this matter unanimously and categorically state that different paints can not be mixed in any case.This is especially true colors of different series, but even in that case, if you want to mix the shades of the same series, the result for the health of your hair can get not the most pleasant.The fact that the paint itself is not particularly safe if you use them regularly, and only with regard to mixing colors, ie colors, often quite different in chemical composition, the result of this mix you can not predict none.And yet, how to mix hair dye?If you still want to mix the paint, then at least try to trim them so that they were from a single source: in this case, the process can take more securely.Nevertheless, we will give you other great (and much safer) ways to obtain the required shades, which experts recommend to perform instead of mixing different colors.

As dissolve hair dye

It is in breeding colors in the right proportions, and not in their mix and should be practiced in order to obtain the desired shades.In order to properly dilute the paint, for starters read the instructions from the manufacturer, and then in the right order and proportion, mix all the ingredients for a particular color.As many know, the paint is not sold as a finished product, because if the pre-mix with the clarifier coloring pigment and an oxidant, such a mixture of 30-40 minutes can be poisonous.But it has its advantages: mixing in the right proportions bleach, oxidizing agent and a coloring pigment, you can get the desired hue.And the accuracy of its production will depend solely on your practice in this case.The resulting shade will depend on the length of your hair (in this case, you need to properly calculate the amount of pigment and for short hair to take, for example, half the norm, or even less), and their density (for thick paint hair, on the contrary, need more).Also, prior to the application it is useful to check the paint on the allergic response.This is done the day before staining.For this small amount of paint applied to the skin (the best - in the inner bend of the elbow).If after a while the redness does not appear, then this paint is quite possible to use.If the redness is, from this type should be discarded.Other methods

desired hue can be obtained by using the paint curing on the hair for a certain time.Also note that at high temperature is a more mellow tone, but here too it is important not to overdo it, so as not to spoil the hair.If the color you have old paint, the result is less predictable, but can often get very interesting and original.And the last way - painting in different colors of different strands.However, this method is rather complicated for self-application, so in this case, the best solution is to turn to the master.