Why do I get warts ?

Why do I get warts ?

Warts are growths that are benign.They occur mostly on the skin.In medicine, they are called papillomas.Let's talk about why there are warts.

Causes of warts

most often leads to the appearance of warts penetration into the body of HPV.Today there are more than a hundred of his species.Many of them affect not only the skin but also the anus and genitals.However, some types of warts are entirely benign and grow very slowly, while others may result in the formation of malignant tumors.

most commonly papilloma virus is sexually transmitted.In this case there are genital warts.Papilloma localized on the hands, arise mainly at the household contact and infection.This means that they not only transmitted when shaking hands, but when visiting public areas (sauna, steam room, swimming pool, gymnasium and so on), where an infected person has visited previously.HPV can also penetrate through the damaged skin - bruises, cuts, and so on.

The most common warts occur in people who have poor immunity and does not observe the rules of personal hygiene.Also, the risk of their occurrence increases in those who often takes hormones and has a serious genetic diseases.

The cause of warts can become severe stressful situation.Therefore, it is important to avoid tension, they not only have a negative impact on your health, but also cause cosmetic damage to the skin.

How to get rid of warts

When the hands, feet and other body parts there are warts, everyone begins to look for ways to get rid of them.To date, there are several techniques that will help to remove papillomas:

  • laser.With it you can get rid of warts within a few minutes.The laser ensures sterility and painless procedure;
  • Electrocautery.This procedure involves the removal of high-frequency current papillomas.But after that, the scars may remain small;
  • surgical method.It involves excision of the wart with a scalpel.After this procedure, sutures are applied.In place of the usual warts scars.

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