How to dye your hair ?

How to dye your hair ?

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How to dye your hair?

Healthy beautiful hair - the main wealth of women.Despite the fact that the painting spoils the hair structure, women still continue to visit the salons and "change color" from season to season in search of something new.Very often the desire to change appears at the beginning of spring, because spring - time, when everything blooms and changes after a long and gray winter.But in order for a new hair color feast for more than one month, it is necessary to support it.Beauty - ideal, but not all of it fits, becauseprofessional care - not a cheap pleasure.It is for this reason that many women do hair coloring at home.Before you begin this procedure, you must know how to dye your hair properly, to get the results did not disappoint.

preparatory stage

The preparations for dyeing hair is the choice of paint.It is best to buy it in a specialty store for hairdressers.As a rule, manufacturers of professional colors offer a wide range of quality products for dyeing and toning.The composition of such inks present the minimum amount of harmful components which may damage your hair.Regarding the choice of colors, the wide range of colors, sure to please with its diversity.The main thing - to make the right choice.Not recommended to paint hair at home in radical colors - choose paint for a maximum of three shades darker or lighter color that you are now "wear".

If the hair began to show gray hair, choose a resistant paint with a sufficiently large% oxide.If you want a little shade their "native" color, you can choose a smaller oxide and dye for toning.To choose a suitable paint and oxidant will help Sales.Do not hesitate to consult if you have any questions.Typically, in these stores are professionals with hairdressing education.

sure to read the instructions on the hair coloring is not at home, and in the store, it is possible, it will be contra-indications, and the paint will not fit.Before dyeing the hair properly, must necessarily study the paint composition - it more natural substances including oils, so it would be better.For additional care during the application, you can buy special ampoules with restoring serum.The contents of the ampoule are added to the paint during its kneading.

sure to test the paint, as instructed, to avoid possible allergic reactions.Follow all manufacturer's recommendations in the process of dyeing hair of any length.In addition, there are general contraindications for hair coloring.Do not dye your hair:

  • If you have any wounds on his head.
  • After a recent perm hair.
  • During medication.

first staining

After the purchase of paint and mixing proceed to hair coloring.The paint is applied to dry hair, it is desirable that they have been washed in a day or two before the procedure.Before staining the skin, located near the hairline, apply a rich cream - it will help you to avoid staining of the skin and irritation.Be sure to wear gloves so as not to get your hands dirty and do not expose them to contact with the chemicals that make up hair dye.

emulsion is applied quickly and accurately.After - the head does not cover, unless otherwise specified in the instructions.Leave the dye on your hair no more than half an hour, but if you have a large amount of gray hair on your head can extend the time to 40 minutes.In principle, the time it takes to paint safely paint the gray hair color and other disadvantages, for every woman is different.The fact that each person's hair at different as stiffness and color.Soft hair dyed faster hard and blond hair painted in a darker tone is much easier than in the dark light.All these factors should be considered in hair coloring.

tint regrown roots

Quite a lot of information about how to dye your hair: videos, articles, advice from experienced people, professionals.Therefore, if the first time you want to dye the hair roots or painted hair, view videos on the subject.In principle, the process of dyeing hair roots is not so difficult, except for the time that you need to very carefully and thoroughly apply the paint on the back of the hair roots.Independently make it difficult, so ask a friend or someone from home, so they help you to dye your hair quality.Only you need to ask before you paint the hair roots, and not to cook the paint, and then leave it for a while and wait for someone you want to help.

Once you have caused the paint on all the roots of the hair, leave your hair alone for 20 minutes, but no more.After this time the whole emulsion, which have remained, spread over the entire length of hair, not forget about the tips.For uniform distribution of paint on the hair comb them.In this state, hair hold no more than 10 minutes.Then soak a little hair, lather and rinse well with warm water.Do not forget to use the balm after coloring!

Staining long and short hair

big difference between the staining of long and short hair there.The only significant difference - before dyeing long hair, you should not buy a paint package and two.Also remember that the closer to the ends of long hair, the paint is a little worse than take the hair, so apply paint more intensively.The fact that the hair roots and which are close to the roots are not subjected to so many external factors than the hairs that are closer to the tips.Painting of long hair takes, of course, much longer than the short.

If you regularly use coloring emulsions, do not forget at least once a week to use restorative, nourishing, moisturizing agents for the hair, which is now on sale - a huge amount.To hair color as long as possible it was bright and saturated, and the hair soft and silky, use the means of care series for colored hair.

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