How to remove a mole ?

How to remove a mole ?

Most people do not pay much attention to moles, because they are on our body usually has at least a dozen.But sometimes there are situations when we wonder about how to remove the birthmark.For example, if the mole aesthetic causes discomfort.In addition it is desirable to remove a mole, and in cases where it is strongly rubs clothing.But the most fundamental reason for removing moles is to change its color, shape, size, sinceThese symptoms may indicate a degeneration of a mole into a malignant tumor.

Methods for removing moles

Currently, there are various ways to remove moles: surgery, laser ablation, cryotherapy and electrocautery.Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages.Remove the mole can be in many beauty salons, but it is best to entrust the conduct of this procedure, the doctor dermatologist.

  • When surgical excision produce nevus (mole) within healthy skin.This method is most often used in cases of suspected malignant degeneration of a mole.After removal necessarily held its histological examination.After surgical removal of moles are small scars, even when overlaying on cosmetic surgical wound suture.
  • Removing birthmarks by exposing it to an electric current, called electrocoagulation.Under the influence of the current moles tissue become very hot, resulting in their destruction and rejection.The procedure is done very quickly and after it is barely noticeable scar.The disadvantage of electrocoagulation is discomfort in the affected area and the impossibility of carrying out a histological study to remove moles, becauseDuring the procedure, it is completely burned.
  • When cryodestruction mole devastating effect on her liquid nitrogen.Running fast.In place of the removed mole is barely noticeable scar.Lack cryoablation - the inability to histological analysis.
  • If you are thinking about how to remove a mole on his face, it is best to choose a laser removal.The laser beam is not only destroys tissue on a strictly predetermined depth doctor and "cauterize" the blood vessels.With this in laser removal of birthmarks is not seen bleeding, and minimizes the likelihood of postoperative complications.In addition, the tissue after laser treatment restored very quickly, and the scar is almost imperceptible turns.Cleared by a birthmark laser can be sent for histological analysis.

How to remove a hanging mole

Hanging birthmark called a benign skin tumor, shaped papillae.Favourite localization hanging moles are the groin, armpits, neck, but they can also be located in other parts of the body.

Hanging moles are more likely than any other type of moles undergoes malignant degeneration.Therefore, such a mole, it is desirable to remove in a timely manner.Signs of a possible rebirth hanging moles are:

  • Bleeding mole;
  • soreness;
  • Color Change;
  • rapid growth;
  • Inflammation of the skin around the mole;
  • seal moles and / or disappearance from the surface of the skin pattern.

Traditional medicine offers a variety of ways to remove a hanging mole: smearing her juice of celandine or tincture of iodine, ligation moles base their hair, etc.However, it is best to remove the mole hanging consult your doctor dermatologist-oncologist.

Doctors recommend to remove hanging moles surgically or with a laser.This is due to the fact that these methods of removing moles allow for histological analysis of tissue removed.