Are moles are dangerous ?

Are moles are dangerous ?

on our body can simultaneously coexist several types of moles.Note that not all of them can cause discomfort or cause skin disease.However, the places where are the pigmented lesions should be strongly protected.We'll show you how dangerous moles.

About moles

fact that for the motherland should be treated with care, we have instilled in childhood.And not without reason.The fact that this is where the skin is particularly susceptible either to mechanical damage or ultraviolet radiation.Both are in 50% of cases provokes cancer disease - melanoma.

most harmless schitayutsya- flat moles.They generally pink to dark brown.Behave "attention", do not create any injury or discomfort.But even they need to safeguard against exposure to sunlight.

But to convex birthmarks, particularly if they are located in areas of frequent injuries (eg, on the head or neck), need to be taken seriously.Supervise, monitor their change, and possibly eliminate any mechanical damage.If you or your family notice any transformation of pigment formation, without delay, consult a doctor.Moreover, experts advise not to go to a physician or dermatologist, and immediately to the oncologist.This does not mean that you immediately put a terrible diagnosis.On the contrary, you will be able to prevent the development of the disease at an early stage.In this case it is successfully eradicated by 100%.

How are dangerous moles

Since all without exception, pigmented lesions could theoretically grow into a skin disease, protect yourself from this scenario: watch and monitor your moles.Immediately contact your oncologist if:

  • mole changed color color.For example, sharply decreased or intensified pigmentation up to the black color, acquired uneven coloring on the spot of the circle there was a ring of black confluent nodules of different sizes
  • disrupt or completely disappeared skin pattern in place of any moles or pigmented spots, there was peeling.
  • around a mole appeared red, like a whisk.
  • change the configuration on the periphery, blurred outline of pigment spots or moles.
  • increase the size of the pigment spots or moles.It is, as it were blurred, became denser.
  • At the bottom of a mole or pigmented spots appeared knotty small papillomatoznye elements necrosis supervision.
  • burning, itching, tingling, tension in the pigment spots, moles,
  • appearance of cracks from the surface of a mole hair fall out.

How are dangerous moles, photos and video you can watch on the Internet.

When you need to remove the birthmark

Some mistakenly think that you can get rid of moles on their own, for example, tied up her silk thread.So doctors have categorically forbid any interference amateurish.Self will only lead to the fact that the formation of pigment or wart will begin to increase.

Therefore, if you decide to get rid of unaesthetic or uncomfortable papillomavirus, consult a dermatologist.He will remove education if because of its location it is constantly injured.

details on how to remove moles, read here.

hope that we lifted the veil of secrecy, there birthmark dangerous.Be, and it will not fail attentive to their health.