Why is there a mole ?

Why is there a mole ?

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Why is there a mole?

Today, we will talk about moles.What kind of education in our body and whether to delete them?Let's try to figure out why there are moles on the body?

Moles on the body: it

birthmark - a kind of tumor.It does not grow - it is the main difference from other types of tumors.Ensemble mole cells responsible for pigmentation of the skin, that is, our tan.

Moles appear immediately after birth in the near future.For many less they appear at birth.In a particularly large number of moles appear during adolescence.There are many different types of moles.They may be brown, red, blue, purple;they may be flat and flush with the skin can bulge above the skin surface, and can still be on the skin tissue beneath the surface.

For reasons of appearance of moles can be divided into two types.

  1. Vascular birthmarks.They are formed by the accumulation of abnormal blood vessels (capillaries) that go beyond the surface of the skin.Their appearance is associated with vascular changes in the skin structure.It is rare to meet a vascular birthmark at birth.They are more common among women than among men.In general, such a mole removed and treated with a medical laser, steroid injections, surgical excision.
  2. second type of moles - a pigmented birthmarks.Unlike vascular birthmarks, they are made up of groups of cells, which are the pigment.Why do I get this type of birthmark?Their existence is considered an anomaly.The main role in the formation of melanin pigment moles belongs.This pigment.These birthmarks are considered skin lesions.It is necessary to closely monitor them, because their damage can lead to cancer or melanoma disease.Doctors all over the world, are not advised to remove moles.The fact that the birthmark - a kind of tumor.It does not grow - it is the main difference from other types of tumors.If you tear off a mole or some reason to violate its integrity, it starts the process of formation of tumors already present.It is called - melanoma.This type of tumor is very dangerous due to the fact that it is growing very rapidly and moves into a phase of metastasis.Ensemble mole cells responsible for pigmentation of the skin, that is, our tan.If a portion of the cells into the bloodstream, there is a melanoma defined above.Many people, sharing their experiences, they say that in their case all ended well.That is, when they stripped birthmark on the site grew and everything was new.It also happens.But in any case, the mole damage may bring a lot of troubles on your head.Tear off the mole on the body, see your doctor.

Why appear red birthmarks red birthmark

- it angioma, which is a benign vascular tumor.It is not known about the causes of red birthmarks, since this tumor is still little studied.If you push the red birthmark on the body, it will turn pale when let go, it will find again the old color.This distinguishing feature of red birthmarks.

Red moles appear in early childhood.Reported rare cases of the appearance of red birthmarks in adults.It was found that the red birthmark does not pose a real threat and can cause serious harm to health.This is so regardless of the age of the person.In children, usually red birthmark disappears by itself without any medical and surgical interventions.

Red birthmarks are formed on different layers of skin on different parts of the blood.They may be capillary, venous and arterial.These moles are usually different appearance and manner of their treatment.

Do not ignore the appearance of moles on the body, which is constantly bothering you.This may be itching or bleeding from a mole.In this case, it is imperative to seek medical advice to avoid serious health consequences.The birthmark can develop into a malignant tumor.Keep this in mind.