How to build gel nails ?

How to build gel nails ?

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How to build gel nails?

Hands of women talk about it so much, and even about its position in society.Therefore, every woman wants to have beautiful, well-groomed and strong nails, but unfortunately, not everyone can boast such beauty.Loose, easily breaking nails deliver much trouble its owner.

However, to date, due to the high development of technology in the field of health and beauty have a strong and beautiful nails can each.To do this, you need only increase the nails and make them irresistible.

Every woman, increasing the nails, choose according to their own preferences of their length, shape and pattern.Graft nails - it is one of the best ways to correct or conceal defects of its own natural nails.It is also a versatile tool to clean up the hands before the holiday or some important event.How to build gel nails at home?This process is simple and subject to technology for nail home can be an alternative to the procedures in the cabin.

main component in building technology is a gel.Its main advantage - the ability to pass moisture and air.That is why it is a gel nail is almost harmless, since the gel does not affect the natural development of nail growth.These properties, as well as the universal structure of the gel does not contribute to the appearance of irritation and make it one of the world's best materials for nail extensions.

These nails are increasing in special plastic preforms - tips that stick to the nail;on special forms (plastic, paper or metal blanks that to hook under the edge of the nail) or directly at the nails.Using ultraviolet gel takes the form of a strong enough coating on the nails, they are smooth and shiny.Nails, Naroscheny gel, much stronger than natural, and build the most secure method.

Materials for building

you need the following items: Gel modeling tips, ultraviolet light to polymerize the gel brush gel Tipsorezy, Glue, degreaser, nail file and manicure tools.As you know, each of these objects can now be easily purchased in specialized shops.And perhaps even over the Internet for home delivery.

building technology first gently using a sawing Cut down the top layer of the nail.This procedure is necessary for good adhesion to the nail gel.Then we select for each finger nails unnatural - tips.Remember that the more accurately you will pick up an overlay on the size, the more natural look will Naroscheny nails.Impose a little glue on the inside of the artificial nails and applying to the nail, press them well for 4-5 seconds, the glue has dried.With Tipsorezy trim the tips to the desired length.Good otshlifuem nail file edge of the artificial nail and give them to the desired shape.The transition from nail polish to Tipsy is not necessary.

Take the gel and brush a little hinder it.Stir the gel as much as you can use in the building.Gaining the tip of the brush a little gel and slowly, evenly distribute it across the field and nail tips without leaving voids to graft of the nail was a regular shape, smooth.Then, to harden the gel put the hand under UV lamp for 3-4 minutes.

gel on nails superimpose layers, and next new layer dries well under the lamp.Remember that the more layers you put in, the stronger will be the nail, but also do not need to overdo it, because it is very thick nails look unnatural.In conclusion, you need to carry out degreasing nails.After polymerization of the gel on the nails is sometimes sticky layer, in contact with that on the nails may remain small dents.This is influenced by the beauty and luster of extension of the nail.Use a degreaser, by means of which the adhesive layer is removed.Also, you can see how to build gel nails, available to the public video to YouTube.

Sometimes it happens that nail while building is not very smooth, then take a nail file, and then align the shortcomings, and then, again, cover the nail gel layer and is essential to degrease.

Now your beautiful and long nails can be varnished, how you want, or by using different materials, apply the original drawing, sculpting, pollen, and so on. D. To make sure your nail has served longer, be wary of direct attacks.And if suddenly the nail crack, it must be replaced.

Whichever method you chose to nail, with the first building still stands to turn to a professional.In it you can see how to build gel nails, learn the subtleties of nail art, and only then will be able to repeat this procedure at home.

As a rule, the first nail samples can be faced with such a problem as peeling gel.This occurs due to improper preparation of the nail plate, use the cream before the procedure.To correct the problem, you must carefully sawdust nails, peel them from the cuticle, damaged nail edge should be trimmed to the shape of TIPS and apply the gel.Regarding the choice of how to build gel nails, the best results are very often gives Biogel (bio sculpture gel).