How to build nails on tips ?

How to build nails on tips ?

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How to build nails on tips?

Woman, by itself, create, almost perfect, however, there is no limit beauty and the girls want to make yourself better and better.So, ladies business card - her hands, they should always be well-groomed, neat and with stained nails.However, not every girl can boast of a natural beautiful manicure, many have resorted to various means of correction.So, one of the frequently asked questions in such a situation - how to build up the nails on the tips, as many think it is very difficult.However, experience shows that with the right approach, there should be no problems.But if the master shalturit, then there is all the work will go to pieces.Tips, by themselves, are pieces of plastic that mimic the natural shape and appearance of the nail.They come in clear, white and patterned.They are attached on the one hand to the nail cover on the other gel.

Select the shape and size

In order to know how to increase tips, they need to start, choose the right.In each set, there TIPS to ten in all shapes and sizes.Among such a variety can easily find the desired record.If the nails are something special and choose the desired option does not work, then as a last resort, you can take this, that appears on the edges, it will be after the procedure to file.In order to increase tips, it is also important to understand that for each type of nail needs an individual approach.Because to know how to increase tips, a video on the Internet is not enough.The first time is better to go to a professional.However, if the nails are not wavy, regular shape, you can try to conduct the procedure.

Tips for Clay comes in two types: liquid and gel-like.The first dries almost instantly, 30-60 seconds is enough.Clay - Gel, more expensive and more versatile option, namely it will help to understand how to glue tips on sophisticated nails.It is used to a greater extent when the nail plate is not smooth, bumpy.It flows into the holes and creates thus a flat surface.It does not form droplets and bubbles, the surface turns clear, smooth and homogeneous.Covering nail glue is applied on top of TIPS, it should ideally lie on the nail, but in this case, the plate will not interfere.Many people think, how to make yourself tips, but make it impossible to own, you need to buy a set.Pre-treated cuticle softening agent.Thus the plate will lie better.When TIPS stick on it a drawing, and the top falls gel.If the picture is not provided, the gel is applied on a clean surface.Before applying Tipsy gel needs to be adjusted, to remove excess length, give the necessary form.

How are types

However, sooner or later raise the question, how to remove the tips, because they are bored, or it happens, the girl hard to get used to them, and she wants to get rid of the problem.To solve the problem require different goals arsenal of special nail files.They are coated with a different size, the coarser and finer.To begin with a special solvent to remove the gel.When there will be only TIPS, we cut it with tongs from all sides.It remains only a small plate, adjacent to the nail.Its starting to nail file to file down to 80 grit, after switching to 100, then 180. When distinguish the border and their false nails difficult, it is moistened with solvent, so texture stands out clearly.Cut away until all come TIPS.Once the nail is necessary to cover a special tool.

Thus, it becomes clear that the false nails, it is not such a difficult task, and given the right with her tools and materials can be handled independently.The main thing is not to rush and do all the work consistently and carefully.After all, if the rush, do not stick TIPS so it will have to file away, to injure the nail.Approach to process creatively and wisely, all must come out, and maybe even the first time.