As at home Removal of extension nails ?

As at home Removal of extension nails ?

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Like at home Removal of extension nails?

Now very fashionable is the procedure of building and design of nails.For relatively little money and a short time, the nature of your fragile and short nails can become a strong, long, beautiful and fashionable nails.Basically capacity made using acrylic biogel or gel.Masters working in the nail salon, specially trained in working with these materials, respectively, they know all the details, not only about the building, but also the removal of the nail.Therefore, they recommend to also refer to the salon in order to remove the nails, which are "pulling back his."Inside, with the help of special devices you withdraw accrued nail in a matter of minutes without any harm to your nail plate.But sometimes the opportunity to appeal to the professionals may not be available, and then in the course are all available means.But we should not reinvent the wheel.In this article we will tell you in detail how to remove home Naroscheny nails.

For starters learn how all the same right to speak and write about such nails.The Russian language has a verb "to build", formed by him Communion with the same vowel in the root, t. E. Naraschёnny therefore correctly write and speak naraschёnnye nails.

Naroscheny Removing acrylic nails at home?

Acrylic - it's very hard, but at the same time fragile material, which hardens when exposed to air and is softened when it is applied to acetone.Here we have this last property and use.

To start you need to prepare nails: it is necessary to remove excess nail length.It can mow with a special device "Cutter" or nail nippers.Be careful and take care of your eyes, t. To. They can get sharp pieces of nails.Do not shear your fingernail under the very root, so you can damage the skin adjacent to the nail plate.

next step is to remove the nail from the finish line - the gel.They cover the nails to shine tradition.Finish-Gel can be neatly cut a nail file with an abrasive coating 80 - 100 grit.

For proper removal of acrylic also need to prepare.It can be easily removed using a special solvent for removing acrylic nails Acrylic Remover.If not, then you need to stock up with acetone or acetone - containing nail polish remover, cotton pad and rectangular pieces of foil about the size of 12 by 7 cm, one such rectangle on the nail.

So, you're done.You are ready.Cotton pads can be cut in half.Take one half, generously spray it in acetone, apply to the nail plate and wrap with foil upper phalanx of the finger so tightly that there is not the incoming air.At the end of a finger projecting end of the foil is recommended to twist like a candy wrapper on the candy.Do the same with all the nails and leave for 35 - 40 minutes.After that release one finger from the foil and cotton pad.Make sure that the acrylic has become soft and jelly-like.Now it can be quietly scrape the nail by any suitable subject.Done it must be fast enough to acrylic did not have time to harden again.Remains of acrylic nail plate can be removed with a cotton pad soaked in acetone.This procedure needs to be done consistently with all nails.

Naroscheny Removing gel nails at home?

Gel nails can only cut down.Be prepared for the fact that it is necessary to spend a lot of time from about 15 minutes on each nail.

In the first phase, gel nails and acrylic as well as you need to mow.Then, in the course of sawing goes.Be very careful and scrupulous when it is selected.Keep in mind that glass nail files, nail files rail with notches, and baffiki evropemzy not fit.They spoil before you have time to cut something.Will suit nail file with an abrasive coating 100 - 150 grit.Take it comfortable in hand, make sure that you do not have it rubbed his fingers up calluses, and carefully, layer by layer, begin to file away the gel from the nail.Please note that it is moving you hand in which the saw blade.Try to fix the finger, which cut away with a fingernail, not to damage your nail plate.Be prepared for the fact that there will be a lot of dust, so in order not to inhale it, you can wear a mask.

In order to determine whether the gel was left on the nail plate, you can wipe the nail with a cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover.Gel nail and get wet at different speeds, so you'll see clear boundaries.When you realize that there are very few of the gel, nail file, continue to work with fine abrasive.The material starts to flake off and it will be possible to peel into small pieces, such as orange sticks.

Accrued Biogel nails can be removed just like acrylic nails.

Once accrued nails successfully lifted your hands and nails just need a special gentle care.

Take sunflower or olive oil, lightly warm up it and rub massage movements in the nail plate.Further, it is recommended to polish the nails.This can be done by using a piece of soft suede.So you can prevent delamination of nails and make them shiny.And at the end of the procedure, lubricate your hands cream.

As an example, we suggest to familiarize with video that explains how to remove the nail gel polish.In the same way, "soaked" and acrylic nails.