How to learn to build nails ?

How to learn to build nails ?

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How to learn to build nails?

dream of many women are beautiful and long nails.But not each of them, it turns out, the nails grow the desired length.However, modern technology give women the opportunity to have long and beautiful nails.This can be achieved through the nail, which can be carried out with the help of gel or acrylic.How to learn to build nails and how to prepare for this process?Let's order.

Preparation Nail

If you want to have a beautiful manicure, but you do not know where to learn how to increase the nails, the answer is simple: increase the nails can be at home!To do this, you need to follow the basic rules:

  • Prepare the natural nail.
  • necessary to properly install your nail shape.
  • Just lay out the selected material.
  • grinding and sawing of our material.

Before you begin to nail, you need to properly disinfect hands.Thoroughly washes away with soap and dry it thoroughly.Then treated with a special disinfectant (miramistima solution), which will kill all the bacteria.

Now you need to prepare the natural nail: remove the upper layers and brilliant natural nail.It is desirable to completely remove the top layer.This is done to ensure that accrued nails have not begun to flake.Removing the need to produce a special pusher and manicure is better to use the machine.But the brilliant layer can be removed using conventional nail files.

Next you need to carry out sawdust natural nail, while leaving 1 mm.for the subsequent creation of the form of your future nail.After training, you should cover any natural nails degreasing agent (primer), but try not to fall on the skin and cuticles.This procedure immediately displays any errors that might have occurred during the preparation of the nail.If the nail was poorly processed, this would indicate a glossy shine.

How to learn to build nails, videos on a topic, or how to properly prepare the nails, you can find without any problems.If you want to be sure not to make any mistakes, you can combine visual lessons with their knowledge.

acrylic nail extensions

How to learn to build the house of acrylic nails?Note that acrylic nails are extremely robust and reliable.In a qualitative build-up can not be distinguished from the real nail.All the acrylic mass, as a rule, very quickly hardens.It is also possible to add some special powder, in order to give nails a natural color.Another advantage of acrylic is its easy removal from the surface of the natural nail.To build acrylic nails you will need the following things:

  • tips;
  • small and large nail files and puffs;
  • Tipsorezy;
  • antiseptic (miramistina solution);
  • primer.

So, carefully washing their hands, begin to gently remove the top cover their nails, using a large nail file.Movement of our nail files should be identical with the growth of the nail line.Upon reaching the total flatness of the surface, you can remove the dust.Then you need to clean the cuticles using a nail file, which has the smallest grain.Gently move aside the cuticle.

TIPS Now select the appropriate size for each nail.To file the edge of tips, which will continue to adhere to the nail and glue TIPS.If you need to adjust the length for that use Tipsorezy.Then take a nail file 100 * 100 and attach the form to each nail individually.With the help of a special universal sawing soft abrasive (buff) or nail file 120 * 180 fully treat the surface of our TIPS and remove the border between it and the natural nail.Then sweep away the remnants of brush dust.

Then we put a little primer (material used for pre-treatment of your nail before the application of acrylic) on the brush and apply it so that the nail began to sparkle.And after - treat TIPS same primer.Now dress TIPS on the nail: it must be placed directly below the corners of your nails, otherwise you can expect a cracking or breakage of nails themselves.Fix the TIPS.

Then we reapplied our primer: causing white acrylic ball on the tips, we distribute it around the nail.Then put on your natural nail pink acrylic bead so that the two colors: pink and white little crossed with each other.The second we put the ball in the cuticle area.Do not forget to see to it that the surface of your nails, and his hand was completely smooth, and the surface of the nail should be slightly moist.Now we carefully sawed accrued nail.Keep in mind that you need to wash the brush-brush cleaners and wipe it on the cloth after each build.

Capacity gel

Another known method is to increase the nail using the gel.If you want to learn how to learn how to build gel nails, you can read our article (link).

Before you learn how to build the most nails or proceed directly to the process, it is important to clearly understand for themselves: what kind of material you want to use, what kind of nail shape you want to have.Then you need to carefully prepare everything and only then can begin.

As you can see, become the owner of a luxury manicure is a snap.A little time and patience and you can easily achieve the desired result!