What do you call a girl in March ?

What do you call a girl in March ?

Parents expecting baby, try to pre-select a name for it.Fortunately, modern medicine makes it very accurately determine the sex of the unborn child.Often the choice of name for the baby turns out to be difficult.

Below you will find advice on the selection of a name for girls born in March.

What do you call a girl in March: tips for choosing the name

If parents have not decided on a name for her daughter, then you can look for tips in the literature.On the choice of names for girls can be read in the articles of our website:

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So, for girls born in March, you can choose a name thus:

Focusing on spring theme

For example, the name of the spring.This name is Slavic, it can often be found in Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria (there pronounce it with an accent on the "e").Name Marta, which many people associate it with the spring month of March, in fact, it has nothing to do with him.March - is the name of having Jewish ancestry, and it means "Mistress, Mistress."

Focusing on the calendar

Thinking about how to call a girl in March in the calendar, it should be remembered that it is not necessary to choose the name that it fell on the day of birth of the child, as in the calendar a lot of outdated and too exotic-sounding names.In March the calendar, you can find a lot of good, it is the modern name.For example: Marina, Anfisa, Mariana, Antonina, Ulyana, Julia, Galina, Cyrus, Anastasia and others.

On the advice of astrologers

Astrologers believe that children who were born in March, are often very talented, but not confident and overly sensitive.That is why girls should choose a very "strong", sonorous name, which will help to strengthen the gentle nature of its owner.These names can be Antonina, Sofia, Ekaterina, Marina, Galina, Anastasia.

On the advice of psychologists

Psychologists recommend regardless of the month of birth of the child to choose a name that makes young parents only positive emotions.Ideally, the girl's name will be beautifully combined with her middle name and surname.

Now you know how to call a girl in March.The main thing when choosing a name - to listen to what the heart tells you.And then the name you chose for my daughter, she is sure to bring good luck.