What do you call a girl ?

What do you call a girl ?

There is a kind of fashion names.Recently there has been a tendency to give kiddies rare Slavic names.Consider these five names that have become popular in recent years


abbreviated forms: Giving, Rina.Diminutive form: Dara, Darinushka, Darya.

According to one version, the name comes from the word "gift" and means "presented to God."

Girls named Darin often have a very restless nature and a lot of vitality.They are restless, stubborn, often do not bring it to the end.The communication open and simple.With age often begin to get involved in sports, which gives them good health.Darina intelligent, even cunning, the ability to profitably manage their natural charm.This greatly helps them in life.Mature ladies in relationships with men jealous, capricious.

Zlata (from the word "gold")

diminutive - Zlatushka.

girl growing very honest, serious, since childhood has on all their views, friendly and sociable.Over the years, these qualities will only increase.Adult woman, a woman with the same name does not like to be someone obligated rarely borrows money.Lean.Sociable, but friends choose very carefully.Among the negative traits in Zlata - squeamishness, indecision, panic fear of difficulties.Despite the abundance of fans, the marriage can start already in adulthood.


Short form: Ula, Lin, Yan.Diminutives: Ulyanka, Ulechka, Ulyushka, Linochka, Yanochka.

According to one version, the name - the old form of the name Julia, which in Greek means "curly".

child grows with a keen sense of justice.Born in winter, copy the many qualities of his father.Over the years, the girl becomes a strong, energetic, but at heart it remains very soft, vulnerable.Due to the natural sensitivity and shyness even very kind to others, afraid to offend someone.After marrying, completely gives himself to the family.Generally, Juliana - very kind, sympathetic person, but because if you think about how to name the girl, then this option will be very good.


abbreviated form: Fields, Lina.Diminutive form: Pauline, Polyushka, Linochka, Polyusha.

One version of the origin of the name suggests kinship with the name Apollo.Accordingly, the meaning of the name can be interpreted as "solar" (Apollo - the ancient Greek god of the sun).

temperament of a little girl's explosive, it is incredibly active, sociable.its requirements are often overstated, it is picky and proud, although in the shower often conceals indecision and even shyness.With age, the character becomes more balanced.People are treated with kindness, she trusted friend, responsive.But it is important first of all her own opinion.Sometimes it is able to focus and even rude.Once married, a woman with the same name is often assigned to a career in the long-range plan.


abbreviated form: Varia, Wawa.Diminutives: Varechka, Varya.

According to one version, the name comes from the word "barbarian", which the Romans called less civilized, in their opinion, immigrants from the colonies.According to another version, the name comes from the Indo-European "pitch" - protection.Accordingly, the "Barbarian" - a "double protection".

character of the girl, the woman is extremely complex and contradictory.On the one hand, she was hesitant, humble, patient, pensive, on the other - bossy and self-assured, is not able to forgive offenses, often selfish, with a constant inner tension.Therefore, it is imperative to educate parents in her best qualities.From the nature of the girl's superior taste that can help her succeed in the arts.Adult lady is very important to find a deal that would have fascinated her - then she will achieve great results in it.For marriage will look stronger in character of her husband, who can be her protection.Excellent hostess, hospitable.

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