How to call your daughter ?

How to call your daughter ?

It's only planning a future pregnancy, many women are already thinking about who they would be born and how to name the baby.Often, when you select a name for the baby, all family members begin to argue, as everyone likes different names.And here it is necessary to find a compromise - the perfect name that will not only satisfy the parents and relatives, but also to fit the child.

options, how to call your daughter, you will find in many books, or at different sites, for example, here.After reading the description of the name, you can try to predict the fate and fortune of the child, a little outline the main features of his character.For example, calling the girl Alexandra, her parents predict the strength and firmness of spirit and Nastya - tenderness and sensuality.

name and consonance

choosing a girl's name, it is very important to consider how it would relate to and surname.Also, choosing a name, do not get too soften or toughen it.It is necessary to find a middle ground that in the future the girl is not shy about it and, sounding, I feel confident.

Names Fashion

Often, thinking about what to call her daughter, parents are browsing the tops names of recent years.But calling a girl a fashionable name, it should be borne in mind that, same age children with similar names will be quite a lot.Here are some unique name is lost, which is very important for girls, because every girl and later a girl wants to be the one and only.

name and time of birth

can call girl, based on the nature, predictive signs of the zodiac, or in accordance with the month of birth.Such information can be found in the books, or different sites.An example is this one website where you can read not only the list of women's names, but also a summary of the child's zodiac sign.


religion Many parents call their daughters, focusing on religious yuletide.It is said that on a certain day born children would be good to call the name of the saint whose day is noted.Also, some parents consulted with a priest about the name of the child or the child referred to as the Holy Father says during the ceremony of baptism.Popular today is also a double name of the child: one - secular, known to everyone else - the Church, known only to the family and godparents.

Unusual names

If dad said: I want a daughter called Cleopatra, do not make big eyes and wonder.It is necessary to consider such an option.Unusual name of the girl will make an interesting, notable, but can also hurt.When choosing an unusual name, it is worth remembering that the child needs to go through the different stages of maturation, and peers are sometimes very cruel.Here you must be very cautious and weigh all the pros and cons.

But the best way is to wait for the birth of a child.Born, baby very often can their behavior and habits and give you - Olya it or Kate, and maybe Sylvia, Nicole, or Monica.