How to name the baby girl?

How to name the baby girl?

parents waiting for a joyous event - soon they will be born daughter!One of the main questions is, of course, on how to name the girl child.The name for a future baby to be beautiful, good and suitable.However, it happens that parents choose a name for a poor girl.How to name the baby girl better?How to choose a name for a future daughter?

name for my daughter: avoid mistakes

  1. Naturally, the future parents want their daughter was the best, so start to be original.They come up with the child's name, or seek out non-existent in the memory bins some artsy.Think about how your child will be taken to and surrounding this choice.Do you like something, and your child to live with him.Not the fact that it has a positive impact on the fate of the girl.
  2. Do not go on about fashion.Calling a child a trendy name - means to show that you are the same as everyone else.Fashion follows the mass, have a unique style units.And fashion names are common, so your little girl's name is not to be original.
  3. not choose for a child stupid names.Come up with a name for the baby girl, maybe just, and it has yet to go to school, a kindergarten, a university.You do not want your name on the girls laughed and came up to her insulting nicknames?
  4. When you register your child, write down the full name in the documents.There are parents who recorded form names are used in everyday life (for example, instead of Katherine - Kate).This is a big mistake.After the registration of the child's parents do not have the right to vary or change the child's name.

Choose the correct name for girls

  1. information on how to name the baby girl, the parents should be in consultation with one another.Choose a name that you like both.
  2. name affects the destiny of man.So when you will pick the most appropriate options, see the detailed meanings of these names and select the name of the fate which you would like to convey my little one.
  3. Check the name on the harmony and the combination with the name and patronymic.The name should not sound rude.It is better if it is feminine, you're choosing a name for a girl.Sometimes the name is very beautiful, but it is not combined with the middle name and surname.It is better to give, not to spoil the life of the girl.After all, for life to it will be treated by the name-surname and first name and patronymic.
  4. If you have decided to baptize his daughter, the priest will offer you options for the name of the girl on the calendar according to her birth day.You can listen to his advice.Besides, no one has canceled the right to give a man a double name.If you choose a name that does not exist in the calendar, no one bothers to give the girl a double.
  5. you can call the girl in accordance with the sign of the zodiac.But before, called the child's zodiac sign, remember that in the future the name will have a strong influence on the fate of your baby.
  6. can give the girl's name in line with the date of her birth.In this case, the name will strongly influence the fate of the child.If the name and date of birth does not match, then the name of the affected to a lesser degree.Here are the options
  7. names for girls in accordance with the month of birth:
  • January - Lyudmila, Irina, Asya, Zoe, Lily, anise, Love, Natalia, Anastasia.
  • February - Rita, Asya, Alisa, Faith, Milena, Emma, ‚Äč‚ÄčIrina, Jeanne, Svetlana, Natalia.
  • March - Stella, Ruslana, Sophia, Evdokia, Stanislaus, Antonina.
  • April - Maria, Karina, Daria, Sabine, Lydia, Alexander.
  • May - Alexander, Julia, Irina, Alan, Faina, Claudia, Evdokia.
  • June - Tamara, Seraphim, Zinaida, Elena, Raisa, Stanislaus, Mary Simon.
  • July - Daria, Sophia, Alla, Alexander Kaleri Antonina, Sophia, Valeria, Elizabeth, Lyudmila.
  • August - Tatiana, Maria, Tamara, Anna, Margaret, Julia.
  • September - Sofia, Hope, Love, Faith, Elizabeth, Ariadne, Anna Rice, Lyudmila.
  • October - Olga, Vasilisa, Alexander, Zinaida, Sophie, Zoe, Zlata.
  • November - Maria, Irina, Nastasia, Claudia, Natalia, Elena Vera, Cleopatra, Eugene, Elizabeth.
  • December - Irina, Natalia, Paulina, Vera.