What a dream to give gifts ?

What a dream to give gifts ?

Gift dream is often a symbol of a happy future.

If you receive a gift, it means that soon you will come positive and happy change in your personal life.This may be a marriage or serious relationship, which eventually lead to the wedding.Especially if you sleep and dream of a girl a gift she received from men.It is best to get in the dream gifts related somehow to the rite of marriage.

If you are thinking what a dream to give a ring of flowers, keys to the apartment, and so you can be sure - soon be in your life will have a chance to get a true reality and a wealthy husband.By the way, if the marriage is concluded in a short time after you had a dream, marriage is guaranteed to be successful.

But give as a gift to someone figurines, cards or office items is to lose the trust of business partners.If you dream you choose someone a gift, so you expect a financial loss, but to make someone a gift with their own hands it means that you have complete control over their material well-being.

What a dream to give flowers, is highly dependent on a bouquet of flowers, and on whom a gift is intended.

  • Yellow flowers donated by the girl - portend separation, and if in a dream you give yellow bouquet to his wife, it is to improve the financial situation.
  • White flowers, regardless of who you gave them, will bring you good luck, and a red bouquet, given the person with whom you are at enmity, portends illness or minor loss.
  • Red flowers donated to any woman-relative (mother, sister, wife) may be a sign that your family will soon be a newborn.

What a dream to give gifts for a birthday or for the holidays?If you give economic utensils, then you will be lucky in business.If you gave someone a car, bicycle or other vehicle - you will travel.But if your gift you do not like in a dream, it means that we can expect in real-life stress in a relationship with those for whom your intended gift.