What is the name of Cyrus ?

What is the name of Cyrus ?

Cyrus - quite a rare name, which is beginning to gain in popularity in recent years.Choosing it for your child, you should learn about the origin of the name and of what character is the girl in the future.

In this article, we'll show you which means the name of Cyrus.

origin of the name Kira Kira

name has several theories about the origin.If we consider the Greek version, the founder of this estate is the word "Kyrios," which translates as "Mrs." or "lord".It is believed that the name is Cyrus the Persian roots.In this case, it means "Sun", "vision".When translated from the Irish name meaning "dark", "dark-haired".

Character name Kira Kira

strong character, she is stubborn, has a strong will and always achieves goals.However, in the meantime, it is very easy to hurt, she does not like criticism, so you need more than praise it and try to help her, if she had something goes wrong, as it should.Cyrus may be assigned any task, she will cope with it perfectly, because this person is able to focus and prioritize correctly.

Cyrus demanding not only to themselves but also to the people around.She will not tolerate disorder in affairs.That's just it often lacks diplomacy, so she decides to questions long and painful.

Wife Cyrus will be just fine.Stubbornness often prevents her to live in peace with her husband, but her other qualities can compensate for this deficiency.She is a good housewife, in her house is always clean and neat.Cyrus likes to take guests and cook.In children, it is not denotes the soul, so it will take care of them and protect.

When Kira falls in the share difficulties, she bravely makes them and trying to adapt to all conditions.Ambient will appreciate her for what she is trying to find a way out of even the most difficult situation.Cyrus hates gossip and intrigue, she tries to act fairly and justly.

Speaking of talismans, you can give Cyrus a topaz: it will protect it and make happy.As a frame for the gem is better to choose gold.

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