How do I change myself?

How do I change myself?

We are surrounded by hatred and anger.We have too often become uncomfortable.But, because our world - it's not just the people who surround us, it is all of us!It's no secret to what you need to start, especially when you want to change the world!Everyone knows, but everyone believes that it is not in it.But this is not the case.All our problems are born within us.

So how to change yourself?We all - complexed and insecure people!At least the majority.No one wants to believe it.But it is so.If it is good to reflect and to look behind the curtain, behind which we had never allowed himself to look, we understand this.Our whole life is spent in an effort to do something to someone to prove it!We are trying to prove to everyone that we - the experts in any field that we are beautiful, interesting, talented and capable of much.We are trying to like, we want to be recognized, evidence of its magnificent and unique.Why?- Because we ourselves do not believe it!Yes, we do not believe that we - the best, and we want that to us proves it.

start with changes in appearance

In the fight for the podium runs our lives.Moreover, we are confident that are particularly important in this struggle is the outward signs.But how to change itself outwardly - all fashion publications are constantly imposed on us something new.And we, openly or secretly, trying to follow these trends.But, because we really want this, but just to enjoy it.Our men spend long evenings in the gym, eat questionable drugs to increase muscle.Our women learn all the tips on how to properly painted and care for themselves.But that's nothing, compared to the fact that in turn some of us after numerous plastic surgeries!

Yes, indeed, it happens that a man with a child feels uncomfortable about a particular external signs.Everything else in my body suits him, but he was very upset about, for example, too large nose.You can decide on the operation, but only if the nose is really big, and he does not like for you, rather than fashion magazines.There are many adult women, who are very happy to live with zero size breasts.They are popular among men, and if they do, and there are any problems, they do not exactly related to their feeding.And the other, a very beautiful woman, is constantly doing all sorts of operations, becoming a witch.They always think that they have something wrong.Although, in reality, it's just that they are too sensitive to disapproval criticism that overshadows, in their view, all the compliments!

Change attitude towards him

But, if possible, by continuously remaking themselves, to change people's opinions as to change the attitude towards him?There is definitely not help the operation and gyms.We are all very naive and believe in all that we say.We are waiting for the praise and compliments, and made every effort to avoid unflattering reviews and, even worse, gossip behind their backs.But is it right?

If you look, you can understand that not every person who makes us compliments, really loves and respects us.Not every man caring for a woman who intends to spend her whole life.Maybe so, that it is important to achieve it, he is interested in is the game.We admired colleagues.But why should we believe that they can not do it just for the fact that we have helped them to climb the corporate ladder?As for the criticism.Indeed, sometimes it is worth thinking about.But such criticism is spoken to you personally and without rough turns.But more often we are confronted with another criticism.Someone opened at all, makes us rude remarks or brazenly discussing behind your back us and our lives.Why we do not understand that people see what we do not see ?!They do not feel comfortable with our superiority, and in this way they are only trying to humiliate us and to exalt himself in the eyes of others and in their own eyes!Not everyone is aware of, but it's always that way.

Do we need to change

now about how you can change yourself.Of course, first of all, you need to objectively evaluate yourself.In fact, there are times when we are wrong.This is precisely the situation in which the pursuit of approval, and in an attempt to prevozvysitsya we humiliate others.Nobody wants to be in a society where it all the time something is accused.Some people respond to our attempts to cause disapproval of our delight.They try to please us, and it flatters us.But these people give up quickly because they do not want to feel like a jerk!

to know how to change yourself completely, the most important thing - to understand that we do not need to change for someone.We're unique and should not need to confirm this.Furthermore - why not to seek recognition of force.We will love only when we ourselves will love yourself and stop trying to prove to everyone that we deserve, while they themselves do not believe in its importance.