Why dream of a bear cub ?

Why dream of a bear cub ?

Known downers believe that images of some animals, dreamed up in a dream, can characterize your closest friends.For example, a dog or a wolf is to betray, or, conversely, the false friend detractors.But an angry bear, in most cases indicates that among your friends is a traitor.

But what if you had a not terrible adult bear and little bear?Will the interpretation of such a dream for the better?Let's find out what the dream bear.

Interpretation of sleep with the bear

Unfortunately, most dream book believes that all bear in a dream symbolizes trouble, big trouble.If you saw in a dream the little bear, be prepared for the fact that soon you will have difficulties with work and with all your chores.This dream portends a major argument, unpleasant situations, criticism in your direction.You have a serious enemy, perhaps even among your friends who spreads gossip about you.Bear, even small - is a traitor and envious.

sleep context can tell you what specific areas you have problems:

  • If you dream you play with the bear - trouble will arise in a relationship with the children - communication difficulties, misunderstandings.
  • If you are fed bear - there are problems in his personal life.There are no secrets and lies are destroying small and even destroy your relationship.
  • If in your dream you saw a bear protecting her cub, - you will be a serious test, the loss of a loved one.
  • Run away from the cubs - will be pursued by the enemy.

However, there is some good value such a dream:

  • If the bear runs away from you - you'll soon get rid of all the problems, the difficulties will be resolved by themselves.
  • If you kill him or hurt - you will be the winner from all the troubles.
  • Bear sleeping - in front of you calm, measured life.
  • If the bear was white or another light color - it's a business trip, long journey.
  • ride the bear cub - to success.

interesting interpretation of a dream for women - some downers bind bear with the figure of the husband or the future groom.

Thus, the dream of a bear cub may mean in real life are completely different events.On the other interpretations of sleep with this animal, see the article Why dream of a bear.