How to be good?

How to be good?

Today, many people believe that they have no time to exercise in relation to people kindness.This spirit is felt everywhere: at work, at school, on the street.Some ill very frustrating, and they want to deal with it.Let's see how each of us can cultivate this quality.So, how to become good?

Kindness - not weakness

Imperious people argue that only the harshness, rigidity can be achieved by surrounding the desired, they consider kindness a weakness.But this self-deception!To be rude, spirits do not need a special force, but, really need to try to show kindness relevant.How to become a kinder, what it means to be kind?

good man keen interest in the welfare of others.He does not just does not want to, but does not harm others, on the contrary, it exhibits good in specific cases and in words.Want to see the real picture of the manifestation of this quality?

What do you think, man, show hospitality, can be called good?In principle, possible.But what are the motives and the circumstances of his act?He really warm-hearted person, or strictly adheres to tradition and has been welcoming guests from habit, not showing them any feelings?For generosity should always be sincere attention to the man.

But you can think about how to become a good, if there are so many stimuli?Of course, each of us can admit that when trying to develop a some good quality definitely something to prevent this.But too early to pass a verdict and, even more so, to look for excuses like: "nothing can be done", "it is such a character," "troubled past".

kindness shown to others

is no secret that such qualities as honesty, kindness, compassion, like almost all people.And the manifestation of these qualities should not be limited to some event or situation.Let us look at concrete examples of how to be kinder to people, because it is a "universal" quality can be useful in all areas of our lives.

We begin, of course, to the family.I agree that it is important to show kindness to the family.What comes here?First and foremost, the interests of each other.unite the family is very difficult without good communication.Problem solve without dispute.Pay attention to children, to listen to them, do not reproach, find something to praise.

How to become kinder to the people at work?Whatever happens on the job, whatever the staff, we want to be kind to them.Yes, it's not easy!But the cunning, envy and deceit - not our friends.From the first days of work, try to win over those with whom it is difficult to get along with.Will help you focus, sensitivity and responsiveness.Ask about the health of his colleague, was released from the hospital holiday, show participation to those who have problems in the family.People will appreciate it and be drawn to you.

turn came to remember the children, adolescents and teachers.Let's talk, how to be kinder to the school.Become their peers - a strong desire of students.Someone shows its strength, while others flaunt their abilities, some students are terrorizing teachers.Do not be afraid to be different from everyone.Despite the ridicule and humiliation, not join those who do not respect adults.Yes, for the acts of kindness at school requires fortitude.

Useful tips

Compassion - a positive quality that awakens in us the desire to benefit the people.So, a few tips on how to be kinder to people.

How do we relate to other people's point of view?And if it is different from our opinions?The main thing is to listen carefully to the person and to understand it.Do not judge, do not criticize, not to offend the interlocutor.We are all different, and to be a kinder, need to learn to avoid conflict situations.

Do not forget the praise and compliments.Compassion is manifested in words.There is something to say "thank you" - say, keep a gratitude.Smile and make sincere compliments, it will raise the mood of a person, and do get satisfaction from it!