Why dream of a baby girl?

Why dream of a baby girl?

To dream of a small child always promises new initiatives and plans.Successful they are or not, it can be understood, drawing attention to the floor baby's dream.Let's talk more about what dreaming baby girl.

A common interpretation of the dream of a child can read the article What a dream baby.

interpretation of the dream of a newborn girl

If you saw in a dream neat and tidy newborn, you can expect the unexpected purchase, gift or simply a joyful event.Dreamed newborn girl is sometimes surprising, so be prepared for the fact that someone told the news or occurred event will cause you a lot of emotions.

Disheveled little girl can dream to sad events and joyless news.After such a dream is better not to start a new business, as it may be unprofitable.Dreamer can also wait for expenditure that had not previously planned.See dirty, soiled, miserable crumbs - to scandals, quarrels and family discord.

Interpretation for women

dream in which a woman gave birth to a girl, promises pleasant events.Sometimes this can mean pregnancy and the birth of her daughter awake.If the birth of a daughter was a dream lingering and painful, in real life a woman who saw the dream, and be able to achieve happiness, but more effort.

If a woman who already has a daughter, dreams that she became a mother the girl again, it means that the heart wants to experience the mother of the baby former feeling of love, light in the soul, and range of bright amorous feelings.Probably, such a woman is not enough passion in real life.

If an adult woman dreamed she was an infant, it promises heard from her parents.According to another interpretation, this may mean that it is ready to become a mother, and would be happy to care for their children.

Interpretation for men

This dream usually predicts a meeting with friends, fun, joy and pleasant change.If a man has a pregnant wife, this dream can be prophetic, and waking the couple's daughter appears.The newborn girl can also "predict" the beginning of a successful business, or plans that are implemented successfully.If a man had a dream that the baby is his daughter, it could mean the fear of fatherhood or fear to take responsibility for anything.

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