How to add a video to a contact?

How to add a video to a contact?

If you feel an irresistible urge to share with friends the various videos, but does not know how to add video to a contact, this article is for you.Consider several options for adding video, his or with third-party sites.

upload videos into contact

Before you download videos to your contact page, you must remember that there is a file size limit, the video should not exceed 2 GB.Video formats to contact diverse supports MPEG video, FLV, AVI, MOV, 3GP, WMV, MP3, MP4.

Video Computer

So our actions.

  1. left to find the "My Videos", go to them.
  2. the top right corner to select the button "Add video".
  3. You will see a window where you need to enter the name of the movie and a description (optional).Also here you define the privacy of your video, that is, who can view it and leave comments.You can leave a check to a video published on your page (wall).
  4. After filling click "Upload a Video" and read the rules and assumptions to download videos.Then click "Browse ..." button to select the video you want on your computer, click on the button twice, the video begins to load.

video loading time will depend on its weight.Watch out for the blue polosochkoj and just wait.If the video is quite heavy (2 GB), you can go to drink tea.

Video from other sites

By the way, it is possible and from other sites to add video in touch.Youtube, for example, very popular.To add a video to Youtube, do the following:

  1. The first step is the same - My Videos.All the same - name, description, etc.
  2. vkladochku Next, click on the left - Add a link from other sites.
  3. indicates a link to your desired video and save.
  4. are waiting for the download to complete.

Video contact

  1. saw in contact video that like?Add to your page as follows.
  2. Hit the video.In the lower left corner of the video click - Add to my video.
  3. Videos will appear in your video recordings.

After downloading the video to contact the server it is necessary to wait some time to convert it to the desired format and to prepare for the show.Waiting time again depends on the size of the video.