How can I add friends in contact ?

How can I add friends in contact ?

Currently, social networks have taken a person sufficient time.Surely each of us have heard names such as Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook or Twitter.Many people are registered in all social networks at once, and some choose just one, but, in general, are all the same.Let's take a closer look at a social network called "In Touch".

Life "in contact»

Some people spend a lot of time on the network, it may be several reasons.Perhaps people hesitate to make new friends live, he moved to another city, and yet has no friends, I want to find friends with the same interests, etc.In all these cases, the person simply beckons Internet where a bunch of new friends and experiences await you.Moreover, "in contact" is considered to be currently the most popular social network, which has already registered more than twenty-nine million people.Easy interface, intuitive tools and continuous improvement of the site to search for attracting more users.

Register "Vkontakte»

you are interested in this site, and also would like to join the list of its members, but do not know how.Do not worry, here is a list of several simple ones steps:

  • go to the site
  • click on register
  • further need to fill in some of the data, come up with a username (this email address) and password
  • to your e-mail will receive a letter with which you need to confirm your registration

Here, briefly, and all registration andnow you know how to find friends in contact, how to join the diverse community, how to find like-minded people or even relatives.

Add another

Let's a closer look at how to add friends in touch.Here, too, there is nothing difficult.

  • go to the site
  • further need to enter your login and password, and we get to your page (login)
  • below the top menu, select the item «people»
  • then in right field, enter all the necessary information to find
  • further list of people appear pagethat match the entered data
  • must be on the list to find the person that you are interested in, and by double-clicking the mouse to go to his page
  • immediately under the photo (the avatar), you will see a button to add a Friend, press it and wait for response

and then, when this person has been added to your friends list, you can see all the changes in its pages, status, mood, learn the latest news, share experiences, view photos and videos and much more.

others are not in contact

Sometimes it happens that you do not find what you were looking for someone, but I would very much like to see, and your friend has been registered here.Let's help him.You immediately started thinking about how to invite a friend to contact, do not worry, site developers have taken care of it.To invite a friend to contact the site at the top right there is a link to "invite", click on it and enter the name and cell phone number, we need a man.And if you still enter the date of birth, school and university, the invited person will be even easier to become a user of this site.On this phone number receives the invitation, which already contains a username and password.Thus, the page has already been created and your friend just need to use it.