Why dream of a white fungus ?

Why dream of a white fungus ?

There fungi like almost everything, but he saw a mushroom in a dream, many feel real fear.Perhaps this is due to the fact that different types of mushrooms have long endowed with magical powers and is often attributed to their special strength.Actually sleep interpretation depends not only on the given image, but also from other parts.In this article, we'll show you what dreams white fungus, which may be of value in such a dream.

Good value sleep

  • In many dream books porcini mushrooms are a good sign that promises success in financial affairs and career.Thus, they represent a huge success even in the field where you do not wait for profits.
  • very good sign - see the mushroom glade, you found the whole family.It means the family well-being and harmony.Profit also promise healthy and strong mushrooms, found alone.If you had a white mushroom in autumn, we should expect in the near future, a happy event.
  • Large and unexpected good fortune awaits the dreamer, who gathered in a dream porcini mushrooms for another person.If he got a large basket of mushrooms, you will soon come to life his old dream.
  • Perespevshie mushrooms, which you'll see in a dream also means wealth and life satisfaction.If they prove to be worm-eaten, then the dream is to be considered as additions to the family.Even Freud believed that even for infertile women this is a welcome sign of pregnancy.

bad value sleep

  • White mushrooms, seen in the spring, often considered a bad sign.Some dream books it marks the sad news, and even death.Bad if you collect mushrooms at the road, not in the forest: a dream foretells need.
  • If you dream to have someone cut the cap boletus mushrooms and you have seen in a clearing only the legs, then in real life, you will witness the achievements of others, but will not achieve anything themselves.
  • Collect small white mushrooms - to minor troubles.An unmarried woman collecting mushrooms are soon met her future husband, but the marriage will not be happy.Women are like a dream, according to Freud, could spell humiliation.
  • Dream Interpretation Lofa interprets a dream in which a woman eats collected mushrooms, as a mark of a fiery passion for her, which would be disastrous.

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