How to recover your password Vkontakte ?

How to recover your password Vkontakte ?

Sites and social services, which requires the registration, it becomes more and more, and remembering passwords for them - all the more difficult.It is not surprising if you find one day that you have forgotten the password for access to the "VKontakte".What to do?Recover password "VKontakte" with built-in social network features, which we describe in this article.You can also look into the article What to do if forgot password "VKontakte" and How to re-establish contact.

Password reset through

phone If your account "VKontakte" attached phone, you need to go to the access recovery page, enter your number and click "Next".In this pop-up window with the requirement to enter the security code shown in the image.

After that, to be sure you will be asked to enter the name under which you are registered, "VKontakte" and then show the user found the page and ask you if it is.After confirmation, your phone will receive an SMS with a code that will need to enter in order to regain access to the page.

recovery via mail

Recover password without the "VKontakte" phone allows.On restore access page, enter your username or e-mail address to retrieve the password "VKontakte" through the mail.You, again, will be asked to enter the security code from the image and confirm that the found pages - yours, and then send the link in the email to reset your password.Click on the download link, enter your email address and a new password (twice), and then click "Change password."

Recover login and password

If you have a particularly bad case, and you do not remember any username or password, will have access to use the service recovery.The same way you can regain access to your account, and if it broke.

To do this you need to know the address of the "VKontakte" page.Enter it in the box and click "Next".Enter your phone number, which will continue to be linked page, and e-mail address that you intend to use as a new login.Fields to enter an email address and password of the old leave empty, since you do not remember neither the one nor the other.Then click "Send request".The administration will review it and will help you get access to her page.