How to put in contact status ?

How to put in contact status ?

status in the social network VKontakte can not just talk about your innermost feelings, news, and tell your friends and other users with some important information.

Therefore further rassmtorim how to put in contact status using the text or emoticons.

How to put a status on VKontakte

page Put on the status page in the social network VKontakte is quite simple.To do this, click on the "Change status" under your name, and then click the "Save" or simply click the mouse anywhere on your page.

If the status that you have decided to put to their page more than 160 characters, you have to resort to another method.You can download a special software, for example, Vkstatus.After installation you will be able to put long VKontakte status, as well as edit, save and return at any time.

Besides text, you can set the status to the status on your page to your favorite music.For this you need to put a tick next to "Broadcast to the status of playing music", you will find by clicking the mouse on the text of his status or the "Change status" if this field is still empty.

If you want to decorate their status smiley, you will need to download a spreadsheet with codes emoticons, copy it from the correct code and paste it in the status.In another way to put a smiley face in the status page in the social network VKontakte will not work.

In most social network VKontakte there are many groups that offer various options of text status.Famous quotes, lines from poems, just pretty phrases and even all sorts of emoticons - this and much more can be found in these groups.This status not only to tell friends about your emotional state, but also decorate the page will make it even more unique and interesting for social network users.Find the group with status option, you can use the search bar, which is located at the top of your page.

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